Colorful Bricks Game


Deep Bricks  v.1.1

Deep Bricks, a striking remake of the all-time classic game of falling bricks, takes you to a dive into the lost worlds of Atlantis. There's no learning curve - simple geometric shapes fall into the play field. Just manipulate these pieces as the fall ...

1st Go Warkanoid II  v.2 75

1st Go Warkanoid II is a challenging game for all those who have a great imagination power. Here you can destroy all the bricks on the screen by hitting them with a bouncing ball and catch funny power-ups. The game is designed with colorful bricks. This ...


Funny Faces Trial  v.1.0

Funny Faces is a colorful puzzle game in which you have to twist faces and pop balls to score points. This game offers different game modes to provide beginners and advanced users a fun and challenging gameplay. Each level has a goal, which is presented ...

Delicious Fish Pizza  v.1.0

New free colorful cooking game by You have a recipe of delicious fish pizza so do not lose time and start to cook! There are hints inside the game that help you, rule with mouse left button. The game is great for kids. Freeware ...

Hockey Solitaire MAC  v.1.0

New colorful free game for all solitaire and hockey amateurs from You have to play the whole hockey period in the excellent variation of classic card game. Your task is to clear the tableau from the cards. The foundations are built ...

Colors Flood  v.1.59

ColorsFlood is colorful puzzle game. You target is to conquer bigger territory then your opponent. You are starting on left bottom corner with black colored fields and your opponent on right top corner with white ones. To conquer new territory, just select ...

Zeldan Forever

"Enter the colorful world filled with puzzles. Control the brave Linkus to victory over evil Sarcophagus who wants to destroy Zeldan's world. Very colorful logical game filled with smooth graphics and many levels full of mysteries. " ...

Lettra  v.2.10.0610

Colorful word game for one to four children that's played along the same lines as the popular word game Hangman. You choose your letters from the colorful arrangement, with sound effects to accompany the placement of the letters. Hints are available, ...

Soda Pipes  v.1 4

Soda Pipes is a fun and colorful puzzle game with several game modes and an addictive gameplay appealing to puzzle fans, and for those who want to put to test their strategy skill and fast reflexes.

What we have to do is basically construct ...

Mahjongg Easter  v.

Celebrate them coming holidays with this colorful mahjongg game with an Easter theme. This special edition comes with an Easter tile set, Easter music, Easter backdrops and Easter colored graphics everywhere. A real delight for mahjongg addicts and non-mahjongg ...

Robin Hood  v.1.0

Robin Hood is a very colorful arcade game. Your main objective is to defeat castle using the arrows and magic bow. Aim to flying dragons and evil enemies before they destroy your kingdom.

Birds can't Fly  v.

Join the fun in this colorful arcade game and help the hungry cats with their daily meal.

Help the cats by tapping the trampoline in the right spot and bounce the birds into the bowl of soup.


ShapeChase  v.

An addictive and colorful action game requiring quick reflexes, patience and skill.

Make your way around the squares while staying as close as you can, and grab the bonuses quickly to get your name on the global ShapeChase leaderboard!


Catch'em all!  v.

Catch'em All! is a fun, colorful arcade game that will test your speed as well as agility. The aim of this game is to catch as many balls as possible in 60 seconds time. Are you ready to put your skills to the test?

Smashem  v.

classic 'smash the bricks' game. move the board by tap and hold and hit the ball to smash the bricks.

stars are falling! when you collect 3 stars a bomb explodes and all the bricks smash!

multiple levels ...

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