Collect Pill


Pill Puzzle  v.1.0

The Pill Puzzle game is the interesting adventures of Doctor Andrews who is trying to collect medicine to cure malicious virus. Unknown virus has emeged in small town in the west. Several citizens applied to hospital for medical aide, but local physicians ...

Pill Box  v.7.0.1

Pill Box is for everyone who takes medication on a daily schedule and wants to keep a record of their prescriptions and the doctors who prescribe them.

Reports show detailed records of all your medicines including schedules, RX numbers, ...


The Anti-Diet Pill

The Anti-Diet Pill is a free tool you can add to your web site that your dieting visitors will appreciate. The Anti-Diet Pill displays a randomly generated daily-oriented, practical health tip to your visitors whenever they visit. The program is incredible ...

Clip'n Collect 1.62c  v.1.0

It can 1) Collect, edit and autoformat text notes 2) Build a website. Grow a personal note database with collecting and editing plain text notes and export it or any other file structure by converting it to HTML. Gathering data with ClipCollect means ...

Pill Reminder  v.

Will help you remember when to take a pill. If you need to take a pill on a regular basis, this app will assist you in thinking of it in time. Now includes a discrete mode, which will hide the pill image.

When the pill needs to be taken, a message ...

The Pill  v.

This App allow you to see days when you need to take your pill, start a new packet and see the date of your next menstruation. You can also set a reminder to the desired time for each day you need to take your pill so you do not forget.
The calendar ...

Number Collect  v.

Developed by WP VN

Number Collect Game:
Find and collect all numbers in ascending order within shorted time. All you need are sharp eyes and quick action. You can claim your record in three modes: Novice, Normal and Expert.
Trò chơi ...

Pill Mania  v.

"Pill Mania" is an addictive puzzle game.

The goal is to remove all viruses from the screen. To do that you have to rotate and position the capsules on top of or alongside the viruses and other capsules.
You can move the capsules via on-screen-buttons ...

Dr.Pill  v.

Pill is a puzzle game suitable for everyone. You will need to pick the right pills for different types of virus. If you pick the wrong one, the patient might suffer from your mistake! Can you help the patient?

Pill Or Pokemon  v.

Challenge yourself in this exciting and addicting game quiz where your knowledge is challenged as you're presented with names to decide between a pill or a Pokemon.

Best Pill Reminder - Plus Weekly Task Reminder  v.1.0

Do you have to take lot of medicines or supplements? If yes, then Best Pill Reminder will help you to make a schedule, for when to take the medicines by reminding you on selected day and time. Do you have weekly tasks or daily things you want to do? Maybe ...

Batch Collect  v.2.0

Collect for Output in batch mode. Gathers up all of the elements required to produce an entire group of QuarkXPress documents. Similar to the QuarkXPress built-in collection feature but allows you to work with more than a single document at a time. Includes ...

Chill Pill  v.1.4

Chill Pill allows you to enjoy Fever's rich RSS experience while taking advantage of Cocoa and all of the other modern technologies in Mac OS X.Note: Chill Pill requires Fever. Get Fever at http://feedafever.comFEATURE LIST: ...

Collect Magic  v.1.0

Get one FREE collection by a professional collection agency for trying Collect Magic!

Identify Emails - Collect emails

When you want to send newsletter to subscriptions, you may need to prepare an emails list without any additional texts from a file including emails and many other miscellaneous information. Now with the help of Identify Emails, you can just input all ...

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