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Night Stand Clock Lite  v.

Night Stand Clock transforms your Phone into a most beautiflul home and away smart clock. This is the best designed alarm clock in the Windows Phone Marketplace. For more themes and alarm check out our Night Stand Clock app.

-Option ...

The Clock  v.

This is a simple but useful clock app that you can leave running on your desktop or as a nightstand clock. It has all the information that you need in large fonts, including date and even weather.

Have up to 3 alarms and wake up when you need ...


Night Stand Clock Seasons: Halloween  v.

Special Halloween edition of Night Stand Clock app!
Night Stand Clock Seasons transforms your Phone into a most beautiflul home and away smart clock. This is the best designed alarm clock in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Choose from special holliday ...

Nightstand Clock  v.

If you’re like me, you like to use your phone as your alarm clock. Problem is, most every clock app I’ve ever tried is just too darn bright. This clock solves that problem in a simple manner. Just slide your finger up or down on the screen to change ...

DNB Alarm Clock  v.1.2

DNB Alarm Clock is a simple, free alarm clock app. Either starts playing iTunes or continually beeps. .

MinimalClock  v.

I have created a cool looking clock app for Windows Phone 7. Expression Blend is used for designing this app as it is a very powerful tool for quickly creating compelling animations.The app itself is a very simple clock app that shows the time & date.

PuriClub  v.

PuriClub empowers users to decorate their best Windows Phone shots with a range of frames and stamps and share your favorite scenes with others in a fun and friendly, round-the-clock app environment. A portable purikura machine.

New Update now ...

Time In Words  v.1.0.1

Time In Words is a menubar clock app that tells you the time and date in plain English.Does your job involve reading out the time from a clock? Perhaps over the radio or a public address system? Let Time In Words convert the time and date to w ...

ZoneClock  v.2.72

* ZoneClock, the most customizable zone clock app! * Version history: v1.12->v1.27->v1.29->v2.17->v2.18->v2.61->v2.65->v2.70->v2.72ZoneClock is a tiny but powerful world-time clock. It conveniently docks on the top system menu bar, ...

TC World Clock  v.1.0

About TC World ClockTC World Clock is like Apples but it displays time for non local time zones. It is also a multi window application, which means that you can display time from several time zones at once.The program might come in handy for ...

Alarm Clock Ultra  v.

Never worry about waking up on time again with the incredibly reliable, feature rich Alarm Clock.

Alarm Clock is THE best looking alarm clock available, an absolute feast for the eyes... but don't be fooled by the candy coated exterior, this ...

World Astro Clock Release  v.4

This app is a decorative, feature rich, educational, scientific and fun all-in-one world clock for Windows 8 computer, tablet and phone. It provides the time-of-the-day in cities around the world and is a source of accurate data of celestial events derived ...

Word Clock  v.

Word Clock displays current time in Words.

*Live Tiles for current date (no live time due to Windows *Phone limitation)
*App disables Lock screen while running

Trial Version is fully functional with Ads for 1 hour.

Future ...

Uno Clock (Live Tile)  v.

Elegant and minimalist analog clock live tiles with just one hand! The tiles do not have a minute hand, read the FAQ below for more details. Great as world clock too (upto 3 different timezones)

No Ads, totally free :)

This app takes ...

Chess clock  v.

5 to support fast app switching.

A simple, yet beautiful, chess clock. Features a great toggle visual that reminds you of tapping on physical chess clocks.

Select the total playing time for each side using the selectors. The app will ...

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