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URLStringGrabber  v.1.11

Grab URL strings of Web sites from Internet Explorer. URLStringGrabber is a small utility that scans all opened windows of Internet Explorer and grab the URLs stored in them, including clickable links, images, script files, CSS files, RSS feeds, and flash ...

Mac Data Recovery  v.

com/113116157391113750977 URL.


Justurls  v.5 3

JustUrls is a Web Page or URL 'launching' program.

The program is designed to get you to your favorite URL's easily and quickly without any fuss. JustUrls launches your default browser and automatically inserts the URL you have associated with ...

PSA Cards  v.3 61

To access a divider or card, just click on it. Double click a card to edit it. As you add information to a card, it expands to accommodate the new information. The program has a large number of features, yet the user interface remains intuitive and uncluttered.

URLProtocolView  v.1.00

URLProtocolView is a simple utility that displays all URL protocols (for example: ftp:, telnet:, mailto:) that are currently installed on your system. For each URL protocol, the following information is displayed: The protocol name, the protocol description, ...

Universal Plug-and-Play Tester  v.2 2

You can also select a device or a service from the list and click Properties... to get some information about it or to query a service. In the properties, double-click any URL to open it in your default browser.

TweetFame  v.

->Message box displayed , allows to click the URL's that appear in a tweet .

Zapgrab Free Screen Capture  v.1

The program is easy to use, and requires no technical expertise - just click grab to capture the screen. Zapgrab Screen Capture is fast and easy to use. It's a good deal to produces very good results.

The screen capture is initiated by first ...

BroadCam Pro Streaming Video Server  v.2.26

~ Professional version allows you to display alternate banners with a specified click thru URL to promote your company or to generate advertising income for your broadcasts.

Purchase with Prism Video Format Converter, Express Burn, ...

Graphite Widget  v.0.5

Current features:Three-click graphs: open a site in Safari, click 'Discover URL,' then 'Discover Text' and click the number you want to graph.Multiple lines on the same graph - up to five.Multiple instances for different graphs - infinite.Automatic scaling ...

Digital Picture Unerase Software  v.

Visit website address and install Digital Picture Unerase Software that is able to restore professional photographs and wallpapers from USB supported removable media in very less time. Snapshot rescue application repairs corrupted ...

123 Click n Submit Softwares  v.1 2

Submit your software literally in just one click to 100's of popular software download websites out there. No hassle. No pain. Just enter your PAD file URL, choose your category and enter a couple of other fields, and click Submit. And then sit and watch ...

Website Url Opener  v.2.64.08

Website Url Opener quickly opens websites saving time on a daily basis. It has 24 buttons that can be easily preloaded with the titles and Urls of your websites, and 2 main options: Preload and Open. Preload the buttons once - then open your websites ...

Url Opener Wizard  v.2.85

Url Opener Wizard is a handy software designed to help you access your favorite websites easily and fast in a click via the default browser. Url Opener Wizard has 27 buttons that can be easily preloaded with the titles and Urls of your websites, and 2 ...

Paessler URL Recorder

Paessler URL Recorder helps to find out the URLs and POSTDATA strings that a user sends to a web server while surfing a sequence of URLs. It works like a standard web browser, whereby you enter a URL at the top of the application then click "Go". You ...

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