Classic Version


Ghost Radar Classic  v.

Get the Classic version of the original Ghost Radar® from the creator, Spud Pickles.

Ghost Radar® is a portable application designed to detect paranormal activity. Ghost Radar® attempts to detect paranormal activity by using various sensors ...

Copter Classic  v.

This is the classic version of helicopter game.

* 3 copter speeds (normal, fast, crazy fast)
* 3 cave backgrounds (classic, rock cave, ice cave)
* pause/resume buttons ...


Color Cubes

This set of three games includes a Classic version, Color Blocks, and Rotated Color Blocks - the two latter games are similar to the popular Sega title, Columns. Game players who want to download free games and need a way to unwind while on their computer ...

Blackjack Suite

Blackjack Suite is a classic version of Blackjack with additional feature of counting points for each well-played game. Power Blackjack and Spanish 21 also included in Suite. The combination of user-friendly graphic, easy navigation and classic rules ...

Slash Xonix  v.4.5

The classic version of Xonix. Control the scissors and cut off pieces
of the field. Angry balls are moving about
the field and can hurt you. Accessible to all users with its
friendly, intuitive interface.
The classic version of Xonix.

Bop It Ultimate  v.1 1

Play against the computer on 2 different game themes including a classic version of Bop It, and an insane Trick Bop theme.
and the best part: connect to another gamer from anywhere across the globe and have a raging Bop It competition while ...

Shanghi Infinity  v.1 1

A classic version of a classic game. Shanghi Infinity is our pride and joy of the Shanghi Style games. Play 15 different designs inside of 2 different styles of play (144 tile and 72 tile). To play, simply match 2 tiles that are the same and they will ...

Sabotage  v.

You can find more info on the classic version at


I haven't written a lot of instructions for this game.

Basically, use your mouse to rotate the ...

TZO Dynamic DNS Lite  v.1 67

This is the classic version of the TZO Client software which first introduced the idea of linking a domain name to a Dynamic IP address. TZO uses true dynamic DNS client/server technology and has one of the most reliable infrastructures. This allows Internet ...

TicTacToe FREE  v.

A classic version of the Tic Tac Toe game.
Play alone against the CPU or with a friend on the same device!
Three beautiful themes are included.

SimplePong  v.

Classic Version of Classic videogame Pong with source code ...

Tic-Chalk-Toe  v.

A classic version of the game that has entertained millions of people. It also contains the mode against the computer. Great to defeat boredom! Have fun! :) ...

Easy Tic Tac Toe  v.

The classic version of the Easy Tic Tac Toe game, which is absolutely free! free!

To play tic tac toe against the windows phone
How to play:
Welcome to Easy Tic Tac Toe! You play as the X's and the mobile agent is the O's. Select ...

TimeSnapper Classic  v.

This means that the classic version shows no annoying reminders, and there are no trial period expiration issues. The program is compatible with almost all commonly used versions of Microsoft Windows, such as Microsoft 98, 2000, XP, NT and ME.

Maxthon Classic  v.

Classic Version Features: Use less system resources, more stable, better compatibility, Mouse Gesture, Super Drag&Drop, Ad Hunter, Undo List, Simple Skin Support, Plugins Support...

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