Circular Saw


Finger Grinder  v.

- Decrease memory usage;
- Fixed bugs;

Check your dexterity and attentiveness! Try yours strength!

Use the destructive power of the hammer, circular saw and guillotine and examine your nerves and reaction. Try to save your ...

Profiles  v.10.0.0227

-Easy-to-use drawing module;
-Design various aluminium and PVC constructions;
-Calculation of prices based on formulae;
-Bill of Materials - detailed schemes, reports and optimization results;
-Unlimited database support - import custom system or download available PVC and aluminium base;
-Export optimization result to circular-saw program;


The Bad Dream 2 The Nightmare  v.3.2

Continuation of the platfomer, The Bad Dream. You're an older version of
Matt Daklera. Enhancements over the first version include extraordinary
levels, the best soundtrack and the ability to slow time.
New arsenal of traps, and instead ...

Circular Preloader v2  v.1

Circular preloader animation with preloader - rotation script and percentage text.

Saw Landscapes  v.1.0

Saw Landscapes is created on base of the Bass Landscapes VST. Saw Landscapes is the soft synthesizer which is designed for playing different musical compositions of any genre. It is also intended for creating some musical effects in cinema and play scoring, ...

Byzantine Circular Chess

Byzantine Circular Chess is a computer game that develops human intellect with a new approach to a traditional chess game. Play circular chess against computer or your friend, find new chess strategies or make it your advanced chess tactics trainer. Packed ...

Scroll Saw Keychain Maker  v.1 1

Use the Scroll Saw Keychain Maker to start a small keychain business. Build yourself a nice display and make up severl keychains with common names. Sell at craft shows, on Ebay or at work.

Everyone needs a keychain. Take custom orders. Heck ...

Jig Saw Animals  v.1.0

Enter the wonderful world of puzzle fun with Jig Saw Animals - a vibrant jigsaw game! Jig Saw Animals contains 50 stunning and colorful pictures that reward your patience and please your eye and the original soundtrack will spoil your ears! Choose from ...

Saw Palmetto Hair Loss  v.1.0

Saw palmetto hair loss, free ebook for Windows. How the ancient herb saw palmetto has become the leading natural hair loss treatment. The use of saw palmetto for hair loss is often marketed as a more affordable cure and one with fewer side effects. It ...

Circular Shadow Preloader  v.1

Circular preloader animation with preloader script and shadow / reflection effect.

Circular Pie Preloader  v.1

Circular rotating preloader animation with actionscript.

Circular Bright Preloader v2  v.1

Circular preloader animation.

Circular Glow Percent Preloader  v.1

Circular preloader animation with preloader and rotation script.

Saw Player  v.0.2

Saw Player is a software to help you listen to your audio files,help you listen to your favorite audio files.Features:
1. play (with BASS lib) popular audio formats: mp3, ogg, aac, flac, wma and more
2. adding files from your computer to the library

Circular Membrane Modes Model  v.1.0

Circular Membrane Modes Model display the analytical wave equation solution for an ideal circular membrane with a fixed boundary.
The solution is described by two integers m and n where n is a positive integer that counts the number of radial nodes ...

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