Circle Of Willis


Circle Of Fifths  v.

In music theory, the circle of fifths (or circle of fourths) shows the relationships among the 12 tones of the chromatic scale, their corresponding key signatures, and the associated major and minor keys.

This app displays the notes on a carousal ...

Circle Of Death  v.

No need to bring a pack of cards because this app lets you play everyone's favorite drinking game: Circle of Death! Players take turns drawing a card and performing the actions paired with each. Also known as King's Cup or Ring of Fire, this game includes ...


Antrasoft Secure Messenger

The program generates security certificates (public & private 1024 bit keys) , automatically exchanging public keys and install them into Windows to make your own personal 'circle of trust' between your partners. The program enables users to encrypt ...

Guitar Tools  v.1.0.1

It comes with a bunch of useful features : metronome, favorites tunes, circle of fifths, diatonic scales, etc.

DOFView  v.1.01

The normal range for the 35mm format circle of confusion is 0.25 - 0.035 mm.
The camera circle of confusion is calculater as the 35mm format CoC divided by the camera focal multiplier.Focal=35mm(Equivalent to 53.529mm of the 35mm film format)The software ...

Hyperfocal Distance and DoF Calculator  v.0.5.0

Circle of Confusion (depends of Sensor/Film type)
2. Focal Length
3. ApertureDepth of Field:
1. Circle of Confusion (depends of Sensor/Film type)
2. Focal Length
3. Aperture
4. Hyperfocal distance (calculated from above parameters)

RegisterJapanMoney  v.

With a circle of the Japanese currency, you can learn subtraction.

You can enjoy various trade a combination of coins or bills.

Customers and the clerk is responsible for trading of ESP spoon.

Here is an example.

RunesGame  v.

The user has to match the circle of same color. The total number of moves and time taken to complete this game will be displayed at the end.

SoulCraft  v.1.0

With humans on the brink to discover the secret of eternal life, angels and demons make a pact to proclaim the apocalypse to be able to materialize into the real world, fight the humans and keep the circle of life intact. SoulCraft lets you play as an ...

Halo Theme for Flip Book Design  v.1.0

A halo is a circle of light that is shown in pictures around the head of a holy figure such as a saint or angel. The halo always make colorful visual effect which is beautiful and attractive. To assist Flip Creator software users to quick design pretty ...

Barnack  v.

Barnack is a program that provides an interactive platform for learning about the intrinsic camera parameters and their effect on the depth of field, the hyperfocal distance, field of view, et cetera.

It is named after Oscar Barnack (1879-1936) ...

STP Monte Carlo Pi Model  v.1.0

Monte Carlo Pi software program uses a Monte Carlo routine to approximate pi by approximating the area of a unit circle. The software is distributed as a ready-to-run (compiled) Java archive.Imagine a square of width two and area four such that a circle ...

Zodiac Clock 3D Screensaver

The alchemic-looking clock face represents the Earth with the Sun and the Moon going around it, and stands in the circle of 12 gorgeously shimmering zodiac constellations.

NOTAM Check  v.7.0.0003

NOTAMs are displayed as their true shape and not a 'circle of influence' derived from a Q-line as seen in other NOTAM plotting software.

KeyboardTools  v.1.0

It comes with a bunch of useful features and customization: from 2 to 5 octaves, different piano sounds, metronome, favorites tunes, circle of fifths, chords and scales, printing and copying the keyboard. The keyboard can show notes, key numbers, can ...

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