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Looks Like  v.

Designers often ask: what their designs will look like on a real phone.

Using this app they can put their design on a web server and then view them live on the phone ...

Makeover  v.4 4

Grey is Out! Cool is in! In 30 seconds or less, apply Makeover to your Clarion application, and make your old app look like it's been completely revamped!
But like fashionable kitchens, anything that looks good now is bound to look 'old' in a couple ...


ForeUI  v.2.801

Design how your software or website would look like in a few minutes.
2. Change the style of your design by simply switch the UI theme.
3. Define interaction of each element with intuitive flow charts.
4. Run DHTML simulation of your mockup ...


Now you can see what those people on your favorite dating site really look like.


Preview list will show you, how your files will be look like after renaming. Visual templates system will helpfully assist you in making up new names. You can save name pattern as template and apply its later to the same files.


Because it is so flexible and skinnable, it can be made to look like any sort of wharf, bar, finder, dock, etc. found on any OS. Or it can be used to create something entirely new, tailored specifically to the users needs.

Magic Photo Creator

You can insert faces into provided templates, put your face on a dollar bill, make James Bond look like your sister, put grandma in a space suite and much more.

SSH Explorer

SSH Explorer is a new generation SSH client and terminal emulator that makes remote Linux server administration look like much more fun than it actually is. File View panel lets you navigate through and operate with remote directories and files as effortlessly ...

Shadow Clock ScreenSaver

Shadow Clock is a desktop time measuring tool that demonstrates how it could look like.

Nonogram Deluxe

The hints will tell you how a row or a column of colours will look like, and since different colour combinations can result in the same hint, you need to consolidate a number of hints before you can derive how the picture should look like. You ...

Culprit Words

Have a glance at the guy, he doesn't look like a man of genius, does he? You are bound to stretch a helping hand to justice. The smirks of the offenders will tickle your ambition to accomplish the investigation ASAP.

ReconSpirit for AutoCAD2000

ReconSpirit for AutoCAD is an easy-to-use third-party add-ons for AutoCAD that enables you to convert 2D DXF or DWG files into feature-based 3D parts that look like they were created in AutoCAD. The conversion process is completely automated with little ...

ReconSprite 2D to 3D Converter

ReconSprite 2D to 3D Converter for AutoCAD enables you to reconstruct feature-based 3D solids from 2D views that look like they were created in AutoCAD. The conversion process is completely automated with little extra adjustment to the drawings by the ...

Tangram logic online game

Describing figures and visualizing what they look like when they are transformed through rotations or flips or are put together or taken apart in different ways are important aspects of geometry in the lower grades. This two-part tan gram example demonstrates ...

Engineers Toolset

With Engineers Toolsets extensive network management capabilities, youll look like a super hero, without having to develop any special powers. Heres a sample of Engineers Toolsets save-the-day features:

Monitors and alerts on availability, bandwidth ...

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