Chronological Bible Reading Plan


Bible Reading Plan Generator  v.

Ever wanted to read the whole Bible, but didn't know how to start? Being such a vast text, the Bible is one of the most difficult books to complete. Many of us have started it with high spirits, only to abandon it some time later. For those persons who ...

Daily Bible and Prayer

Daily Bible and Prayer features Bible reading plans, daily devotional, and prayer tracker. The Bible reading plan will get you through the Bible in a year with two different methods, and supports custom reading plans. Also included is the Faith's Checkbook ...


BiblePlayer for iPod  v.1 1

Take God?s Word to Go! Do you need to have a daily dose of bible scriptures? Or maybe you need a bible reading plan? Now you can read and listen to the King James version of the Bible on your iPod with this new freeware program.

Bibleplayer ...

Chinese Union Bible  v.

Chinese Union Bible Reader with memo, 365 reading plan, search and bookmark.

SwordBible  v.5.42

SwordBible is a completely free Bible reading software that can display many different versions of the bible, commentaries, dictionaries and daily devotionals. It also lets you search for a particular word or phrase in the entire bible or commentary.

A-BIble Manna  v.1.2.2000

A-Bible Manna" is a Daily Guide for Reading the Bible. You can even add your own reading plan!Three Easy Steps with some options:1. Select a Reading Plan (Chronological, M'Cheyne, OT-NT)2. Select a Version(s) (KJV, ASV, Japanese Kogoyaku, Luther 1912, ...

Audio Bible Player  v.1.5

With Audio Bible Player you can read and listen to the Bible on your iPod. It includes daily devotionals, bible reading plans, bible stories, and other modules. Each reading is linked to an audio file making it an integrated experienced. (Audio CDs are ...

BibleMax Darby Bible  v.1.0

BibleMax is free software that lets you read and study the Holy Bible in an easy and convenient manner. It has a very intuitive, easy-to-use interface with many capabilities, such as Search, Copy, Add bookmarks and so on. A very interesting feature of ...

BibleMax DouayRheims Bible  v.1.0

BibleMax is free software that lets you read and study the Holy Bible and other Christian texts from the convenience of your computer desktop. One of its many advantages is the fact that you can download and install many modules for enhancing your Bible-reading ...

Bible Number Convertor  v.2.0

Also includes a comprehensive help file that explains the Bible's measurements, and what they mean to us today.

Useful for anyone wishing to enhance their Bible reading or research.

Bible Pacer  v.

Have you ever wanted to read the Bible from the beginning to the end, cover to cover? How will you know you didn’t miss a chapter? Bible Pacer can help you achieve this goal by organizing and tracking your progress as each chapter is read.

Bible ...

King James Version  v.1.0.1

The King James version of the Bible is the most widely used English translation of the Scritpures. It has been updated and revised several times since it was first published, and it remains a very respected version (some Christian denominations regard ...

DailyBible  v.1.1

DailyBible : Android Mobile Bible App.Start your day with a daily Bible verse. - Read or just Listen to it. Read the Holy Bible with a daily reading plan - Read or just Listen to it. Search for any verse or topic anywhere in the Bible. All for free. Search ...

Mobile Minister ESV  v.

Based on the English Standard Version, Mobile Minister is a Bible application will engage you in the word. On start, Mobile Minister displays a daily inspirational verse chosen from over 400 uplifting scriptures. If you are feeling sad or have a question ...

Word for Today  v.

With The Word For Today app you can:

• read today’s message wherever you are

• catch up on recent days that you’ve missed

• listen to Bob Gass reading the message

• search for a message ...

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