Chronicle Of Philanthropy


The Last Chronicle of Barset  v.

The Last Chronicle of Barset is the final novel in Anthony Trollope's series known as the 'Chronicles of Barsetshire'.
Reverend Crawley is accused of stealing a cheque, Social status love and marriage, and lots of sub plots in this final chronicle.

Chronicle Of Scald  v.1.4

For years, the Skald Kingdom lived fenced off from the rest of the world. The people know no wars, hunger or disease. But everything changes, and now rumors began to spread about the cult, whose adherents for many years have been preparing to call upon ...



the chronicle of higher education is the number one news and jobinformation source for college and university faculty members, administrators, . news and advice for the academic professional and job seeker. a peerreviewed scholarly journal available ...

About This Particular Macintosh  v.14.11

About This Particular Macintosh (ATPM) is a fun monthly chronicle of the Macintosh experience written by and for everyday users. It includes humorous anecdotes, short stories, product reviews and commentaries by Macintosh owners and users about our favorite ...

Federal Money Retreiver  v.6.5.1

Recommended by: Wall Street Journal, American Library Association, Entrepreneur Magazine, Chronicle of Philanthropy. Why Federal Money RetrieverT«: (1) FMR is the established leader in its category - with hundreds of thousands of users and many years ...

Tata  v.

The group was awarded the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in 2007 in recognition of its long history of philanthropic activities. Tata gets more than 2/3 of its revenue from outside India. In June 2011, based on market value Tata Group has become India's ...

My Dear Watson  v.

The complex mind of the brilliant consulting detective is finally opened to the public, in the chronicle of a new case involving Dr. Watson and Constance Moriarty, the beguiling daughter of Holmes infamous nemesis.

Please Note that the book ...

Crosswords Free  v.


Puzzle sources included in this version:
• Wall Street Journal
• The Onion
• Boston Globe
• Chicago Reader
Chronicle of Higher Education
• The Globe and Mail
• The Independent
• Manchester ...

Encyclopedia of Arda  v.

The Interactive Edition runs through a specially commissioned Windows application created by Axiom's own development team, to offer a range of features that just aren't possible across the Web. If you want to see the range of information the Encyclopedia ...

The Sands of Time  v.1 32

Ken Kirkpatrick Software, the largest publisher of personalization software, has released The Sands of Time, an easy-to-use Windows program that produces a suitable-for-framing keepsake memento that commemorates people's birthdays, anniversaries, and ...

Chronicle  v.

String all stories and they become your chronicle.

View your stories in a continuous fluent and intuitive way. All stories will be stored in a chronological order in a giant list by day and month, in one single page.

Each story in ...

Ace of WAV

Advanced sound editor and synthesizer designed from the ground up to take full
advantage of Microsoft's 32 bit Windows architecture and featuring an unparalleled
set of powerful synthesis and editing functions; an intuitive user interface; visual ...

Future Value of Savings Calculator

Future Value of Savings Calculator is a comprehensive annuity calculator which displays results on a spreadsheet-like grid as you enter or update financial variables. Future Value of Savings Calculator allows you to enter a beginning balance, regular ...

Star Bill of Lading Program

Star BOL program is capable of printing all
of your Bill of Lading form requirements to
a standard Laser Printer. It saves you Time
and Money everytime you use it. No more
Expensive Forms to purchase. Get rid of those
10 different ...

Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale  v.5.9.7

Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales is a new generation of restaurant management software for Windows. It is a complete solution, beginning with taking orders from patrons, and ending with billing and tax reports. The user interface is carefully optimized ...

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