Chessmaster Challenge Game


The Challenge Game  v.1

The object of the game is to complete a series of three challenges/games. You have four lives and each challenge/game has three levels.This file is contained within a single movieclip on the stage so you can use it in your projects.You can also customise ...

Chessmaster Challenge  v.32.0

Chessmaster is a good version of a chess puzzle game, with nice and friendly alternatives for the player. This game allows you to select to learn the game, to play fun and to solve puzzles; learning will show you the main rules of the game and moves of ...


The Teacup Challenge

Most probably this will be your first teacup challenge free downloadable sports game. Why! Till now no one has
been able to program a teacup challenge game in a way it would actually be exciting and fun. So finally there is a
game that made ...

Challenge  v.

This is a great challenge game. Application stores the ball under a glass each time. User has to guess the correct glass which contains the ball. There is a tracker which tracks the number of correct or incorrect guesses and also provides the correct ...

Capsule SE  v.2.0

It has been 10 years since first release of Capsule game!
This is a 10th Anniversary Special Edition of Capsule game. Some of the New features:
- New TIME CHALLENGE game mode. Huge fun for experienced Capsule players.
- New, full color ...

MHR  v.

And try Mini Challenge, an exciting and fun new learning game just for your kids.

The Mini Challenge game includes a total of 6 levels with 20 questions each. The questions kids get to answer will be about these topic areas: Math, Social Studies, ...

Pew Pew Escape  v.

Fun Loving and competitive short challenge game for you!

How fast can you grow a plant?!

Compete with your friend today and see who have the fastest hand!

Free to download!

WhatTheColor  v.

Developed by : Patrick Jason Lim

Look, Think, Tap Fast!

WhatTheColor? is a simple brain challenge game. You will need to tap the correct color or color name without getting confused with the colors of the color name, or the color name ...

Mr Bones  v.1.2.0

Help guide Mr Bones to evade traps and find his way out in this multi-level platform challenge game. Explore spooky graveyard scenes, find you way through the maze of sewers and evade weird plant life to escape. Travel through strange lands that are home ...

NeoZone Game Center Arcade

NeoZone Game Center Arcade PC console lets you play browse, play and download an every growing library of popular game titles. Arcade, action, puzzle, card, and adventure games are all brought to you free --just point, click and play. Access classic favorites ...

MostFun Chessmaster - Unlimited Play

Ready to become a world-renowned Chessmaster? Now's your chance! Learn from the best as you take on well-versed opponents in online gaming's most intriguing chess experience.

MostFun Sportball Challenge - Unlimited

Get your game on in this sports-themed arcade action game! Shoot at targets in Competition mode or bust blockers in Solo mode!

MostFun The 80's Game - Unlimited Play

The 80's Game With Martha Quinn is a fantasically fun trivia trip back to the 80's, hosted by your favorite 80's VJ, Martha Quinn!

The Sudoku Challenge  v.

Are you a fan of puzzles? You are not a genius at math but like playing with numbers?Then get ready to enjoy the most amazing numbers puzzle ever invented!
The Sudoku Challenge, is an ideal game for those who like reasoning and showing their skills.

Stick BMX Challenge  v.1.0

Your challenge will be to climb over steep hills, In addition, try to perform back flips and front flips to score points, the more stunts you perform, the more numbers you will end up scoring. Pull off backflips,Frontflips and wheelies, complete the ...

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