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Generic Chess Board  v.0.3.0

Gcboard is a gameboard component for Chess-style games (i.e. Checkers). It implements most of the features that are usually found in chess interfaces (dragging, animating, ...) and handles them without additional programming effort.

Standard Chess Icons  v.2011.1

Design chess games and Web sites faster with Standard Chess Icons! Standard Chess Icons contains everything you need to represent a game of chess in flat or three-dimensional space. All white and black figures are available as 2D and 3D icons, the latter ...


WJChess 3D  v.1 20

- Included languages : english/french
- Play in fog, at mountains or sea, select the source light
- Zoom in and out, rotated board
- 9 defined board views
- Chess board with coordinates or not
- 6 differents graphical chess b ...

E-Board  v.1. 1. 2001

eboard is a chess interface for Unix-like systems (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc.) based on the GTK GUI toolkit. It provides a chess board interface to ICS (Internet Chess Servers) like FICS and to chess engines like GNU Chess, Sjeng and Crafty.The ...

Michael's Dream Chess  v.2.0

Dream Chess features 3D OpenGL graphics and provides various chess board sets, ranging from classic wooden to flat figurines. A moderately strong chess engine is included: Dreamer. However, should this engine be too weak for you, then you can use any ...

Chess 2 Go  v.

Enjoy the classic game of chess with various playing strengths, custom chess board colors, and undo functionality. Review your moves later by emailing yourself the game in Portable Game Notation (PGN).

Chinese Chess Master  v.1.1

Chinese Chess Master is the ultimate Chinese Chess board game.Chinese Chess Master uses pieces similar to those of International Chess. However, the variations in the pieces, their movements, and the board layout make Xiangqi an exciting and c ...

InterChess  v.

An email chess game. Make your moves on a high quality, fully validated chess board and Interchess takes care of the business of sending the move as an email. Some features; customizable computer opponent, create your own chess sets, high quality graphics, ...

The Eight Queens

The object of this game is to put all the 8 queens onto the chess board without the queens capturing each other. A queen can capture another piece if it is on the same row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Can you find a way to put in all the 8 ...

BlitzIn  v.3.0.3

BlitzIn is a Windows program that shows you a chess board and lets to play on the ICC.

To get BlitzIn:
Download the BlitzIn installer.
Run the downloaded file. This will install BlitzIn on your computer.
Connect to the Internet ...

Ncheckers  v.1.0

The game is played on a standard Chess board 64 black and non-black chequered squares. Each player has 12 pieces each placed on a black square. The pieces only move diagonally and so stay on the black squares throughout. The objective of the game is ...

JavaWall Cubes Tuning

Available tests patterns: grid, circles, chess-board, vertical and horizontal color bars, test message. Operator can change size and color of the any test elements.

Loans payday

Chess Board Game - Free Download - A free and open source chess database application courtesy of - loans payday.

DreamChess  v.0.2

0 is an open source chess game.

It has been developed to be played under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This game provides 3D OpenGL graphics and various chess board sets (Classic Wooden, Opposing Elements, Figurines and Sketch). You can change ...

Kings Revenge Dark Realm  v.1.0

Refusing to surrender to checkmate, King Vindictus leaps from a mundane chess board, into his magical world. He lands in the gardens of his realm, only to find that the Red King and his minions have taken over his kingdom!. By using your wits, strategy ...

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