Change Request Project


Change Request Form  v.1.00

If there were no change requests, one should wonder if anyone was really using the system. The problem is that too many organizations accept their change requests via a phone call, water cooler chat, or some scribble on a sticky pad.

What ...

Change Request Tracker  v.

Tracks Change Requests (CRs) for defects and new features through a full change control cycle: new, analysis, implementation, close-out. Single-user version is well suited for small to medium sized software development projects. Database supports multiple ...


Elvis Developer  v.2 7

Use the Elvis developer module to build up a new project or change a project. Start the developer module using the Windows start menu.
You will be called to select the directory and edit the name of the project at the create new database dialog.

ProjectTracker for MS Project

'ProjectTracker for MSP Server 2003 & 2007' MS Project and MSP Server and ClearQuest integration module. This tool is registered as the V.A.P-solution in IBM. State-of-art MS Project (Project Server 2003 & 2007) and IBM Rational ClearQuest integration ...

Change Control Template  v.1.00

Change Control template available here for a token fee. The excel logbook comes with built in information thus making it easy to fill in change requests and create a change management logbook from this change control template. Used by many Fortune 2000 ...

Project Identity  v.1.0

Project Identity is an innovative structured knowledge base engine

Key features:
- each piece of information is organized into properties and relations, called knowledge
- search is performed with respect to such a structure. it is ...


The purpose of this application is to ease the process of programming ClearQuest Designer's state transitions matrix for change requests. UML2ClearQuest can export UML state charts to ClearQuest Designer, which makes for a simple visual design process.

PM Toolkit

This complete set of over 25 Project Management Templates - designed for Office 2007 and compatible with older versions - will save you hours of work and increase the quality of your project planning documents. The full set of templates includes Lessons ...

Requirements Analysis Templates  v.1.00

Get a professional and service-proven requirements package for creating all your project and system requirement documents. Whether you are analyzing a project or analyzing a system, this requirements package answers both these needs accurately.

Requirement ...

JOS Media Player  v.2.0

This is a little name change. The project will now be devoted to writing a full featured media player in Java. It supports image viewing (slideshows, and most image types) and MP3 playing currently.

Activity Timer  v.1.0

You can also change the project or set it to working or not working with a quick right click on the icon

You can also show a pie chart in the icon showing the time so far in the current session.

You can set it to flash its icon, flash ...

Athena Firewall Browser  v.2.0 rc2 20110317

Firewall Browser offers abilities that network/security engineers will want to consult every time a change request is made or whenever troubleshooting on firewalls becomes necessary. The tool immensely eases the challenges to determine if the change is ...

Mipsis Document Control Software  v.4.5

You can enable public and private access and meet the change request management for ISO 9000 requirements.

Slide Show Movie Maker  v.569 kb

Slide Show Movie Maker is easy to use and we can start this tool with following steps: Add our pictures by pressing "Add Pictures"; Select all pictures; Press "Add Random Fadings"; maybe change some project settings; Press "Start Creation"; A dialog ...

MyProject  v.1.2.6

MyProject Highlights:Customizable project fieldsImport e-mails from Mac OS X Address BookCustomizable labels to easily change your project statusSimple and intuitive interface. CafeinaSoft - software for Mac and Windows.

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