Change Display Contrast


Display Overlord  v.3.0.1

Display Overlord adds methods and classes to gather video device capabilities and capture displays, providing full screen environments suitable for games, multimedia presentations, or kiosk applications. While captured, Display Overlord locks out other ...

ClearTweak  v.2 6

This tiny little application has only one function: to change the contrast configuration of the ClearType settings for Windows XP. But what is this ClearType about anyway? ClearType is a feature intended to smooth the display of fonts on LCD monitors.


SysUtils LAN Administration Utility

It allows you to run executable files, install software silently, create, delete and change user accounts, change display settings, create and delete shared network folders, shutdown and reset computers in your network.

PicJet Studio  v.4.0

Make a collage of your favorite pictures, imprint date and time on a batch of photos, convert images into different formats, resize photo automatically or change brigtness/contrast by dragging&dropping one or several digital photos onto a corresponding ...

Photo2Rhino  v.1.0

Main features:
-Brighten and change the contrast of the images before creating the mesh.
-Rotate and crop the images before creating the mesh.
-Interactively apply smoothing to the mesh.
-Optionally apply vignette effects ...

TunesArt  v.1.5.2001

TunesArt is a great companion for iTunes:- Notifications on track change- Display track's artwork on your desktop (7 themes included)- / Twitter integration- Download missing artworks- Display lyrics- Inst ...

Display By Violence  v.1.0

Check, change or set windows screen settings. Display By Violence (dbv) can check, change or set windows screen settings. With Display By Violence you can check if specific display mode is supported or you can change or set display mode that is reported ...

SubPixel Display  v.1.0.0

SubPixel Display lets developers see the color information (red, green, blue) of subpixels used to display a pixel's color. There is a Control Panel where options are chosen and two display windows. One display window shows the area around the mouse with ...

Display Eater  v.1.85

Display Eater will record motion video on your screen which you can then convert to a quicktime movie. Useful for recording video game footage, making training apps, recording streaming video and some other tasks. Features:- Can record and render at your ...

UM Video Color Filter  v.1.0

UM Video Color Filter is a powerful transform filter that allows invert and grayscale the video, change the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation.

Main features:

- Support invert and grayscale the video.
- Support change ...

NirCmd  v.2.71

By running NirCmd with simple command-line option, you can write and delete values and keys in the Registry, write values into INI file, dial to your internet account or connect to a VPN network, restart windows or shut down the computer, create shortcut to a file, change the created/modified ...

Image Batcher  v.1.0

Actions like rotate, resize, save, convert to a different file format, change resolution, contrast, sharpen, unsharpen, view exif and iptc information, rename, crop, brightness, invert and color balance are supported.

CaniVIZ Light  v.1.0.0

The CaniVIZ 3D viewer allows to display CAD 3D models on your PC. It reads step, iges, sat, catia, 3Dstudio, stl, obj, xgl, dxf, dwg files, and other. CaniVIZ is a viewing tool dedicated for 3D documents. Its powerful rendering algorithm allows to handle ...

CtPhotoBook  v.2.0

5) # The memory management has been optimized for faster display of even larger photos(NEW in 1.5) # You can add multiline text captions anywhere on a page # A QUICKSTART button allows you to start adding pictures to your first album 10 seconds after ...

SysUtils LAN Administration System

This product allows you to copy files and folders, delete files and folders, run executable files, install software, create, delete and change user accounts, change display settings, create and delete shared network folders, shutdown and reset computers ...

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