Champion Archer


Armwrestling Champion

Create your character, learn new abilities, train and become the new Champion. Visit the tavern and collect experience points while demonstrating your power to the other guests. Win fights, increase your respect, get the best sponsor's contracts and ...

Tae Kwon Do World Champion  v.2. 9. 2001

Tae Kwon Do World Champion is the world's first realistic video game based on the fast-paced, win or go home sport of Tae Kwon Do. This game takes you inside the sport like never before, giving you a chance to fight against hundreds of fighters from all ...


Sudoku Champion  v.1 1

Sudoku Champion is a simple sudoku generator. In case you've never played sudoku before, the objective is to complete the empty cells with the numbers from 1 to 9, in a way that each column, each row, and each of the nine sub-grids contain all of the ...

Champion Health  v.

Champion Health is an easy-to-use system utility that will boost performance and monitor the health of your Windows installation. Champion Health will find and repair registry errors, as well as provide advice on how to keep your PC as healthy as the ...

Sample Champion  v.3. 8. 2004

Sample Champion is a powerful real-time software tool designed for high precision acoustic measurements.
With Sample Champion you will be able to measure the Impulse Response of a room, or analyze loudspeaker Frequency Responses using the MLS (Maximum ...

Puzzle Champion  v.1.20.0234

Puzzle Champion is a flexible puzzle game for one to four players.
Numerous options allow individual customization of the game. Your task is to find the correct places of the tiles in a minimum of tries and time (optional).
You choose from ...

Archer  v.

Archer - a desktop tool to speed up your daily operation.Features:
1. Free and open source.
2. Designed for programer and education.
3. Free your eyes from finding urls, files, folders and programs.
4. A good replacement of the "Windows ...

Bubble Archer  v.

In Bubble Archer you are the stick man archer and you have to pop as many bubbles as you can in one mintue.

Try and get the duck to a score bonus.

Bubble Archer comes with Worldwide Highscore tables ...

Balloon Archer  v.

Ever fancied yourself as an archer? Ever felt like playing the elves from the Lord of the Rings? Or just want to test your archery skills? Download this wonderful game and live that experience.

Live your fantasy or test your skills as an archer ...

I'm Archer!  v.

Be a top archer by shooting a target with bow and arrow and making great high score. Feel the thrill of achieving the highest score after the arrow is released.

The art of archery is primarily mental. Aim your arrow at the target, and overcome ...

Champion Stock Chart Viewer  v.1.01

The Champion Stock Chart Viewer is a free stock chart viewing application for Windows. It uses data from Google or Yahoo finance to generate stock charts that display dividend, split, moving average, and volume data. It creates line, bar, and candlestick ...

Archer-Milter for Sendmail  v.0.1.0

Archer-Milter , A Sendmail spam filtering solution for system administrators.

Cribbage Champion  v.1 9

A high quality and addictive game of Cribbage ...

Office Champion  v.

To pass this Office Champion Exam User Required to Get Minimum 50% Of Marks.

Fishing Champion  v.

The background story of the game is the Gulf's annual world fishing contest, in Hawaii, where the fishing enthusiasts around the world gather, in the hope of competing for the Champion title. In addition to the enjoyment of Bay Resort in Hawaii, the ...

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