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CD Collection

CD Collection is designed to help you maintain and organize a collection of your CD-ROMs, hard disks, removable and network drives etc. The program catalogs contents of your media and makes it available for offline browsing and searching.

Extra CD Ripper  v.6 49

Extra CD Ripper is a powerful and easy-to-use cd ripper. It can convert your audio CD collection to a variety of most popular compressed audio formats (MP3, WAV and OGG ) with ID3 Tag. Its easy interface allows you to convert tracks of your audio-CDs ...


Cinematic Collection Viewer  v.2.7 Build 162

Cinematic Collection Viewer is a small tool that will allow you to manage your CD collection. It lets you create a database with all the items, add profiles and view database entries.
Cinematic Collection Viewer Features:
1. strong database manager

Fast CD Ripper  v.2.0

Fast CD Ripper is a powerful and easy cd ripper application for converting your audio CD collection to variety of most popular compressed audio formats (WMA 9, OGG and MP3 are supported) with ID3 Tag v2 support and to uncompressed audio (WAV PCM format).

CD Assistant  v.3 70

CD Assistant is the FREE way to track your CD collection. Includes CDDB2 support with easy-to-use wizard. Fast 'Incremental' and 'VCR' locators. Customizable categories and media types. Standard Add/Change/Copy/Delete functions as an alternative to the ...

THE CD Library  v.

THE CD Library! (with emphasis on 'THE'), is a complete solution to storing and retrieving your CD collection. It is designed to work with Dacal, ZeoTek and BesTrade USA, (all made by Dacal), CD Library carousels including the newest Dacal DC-016RW PowerDrive! ...

Audio SixPack

Audio SixPack WILL HELP you to convert your audio CD collection into the DVD-Audio standard WITHOUT QUALITY LOSS. Using Audio SixPack you will be able to write 6 audio CDs at the standard 44.1Khz/16bits to 1 DVD-audio disk.


Disclib is a CD collection organizer program. It may be used as a catalogue of CDs. After creating the catalogue, disclib stores file and folder names and tree, allows user to categorize folders and files, and allows searching all the files from the collection ...

MP3 Remix for Windows Media Player  v.3.811

MP3 Remix for Windows Media Player is an application which lets you take any song in your MP3 or CD collection and remix it into your own custom creation. It detects the rhythm and dynamics of any song to create incredible 'beat-synchronized' remixes.

MP3 Remix for Winamp  v.3.811

Enjoy your favorite songs in new and exciting ways! Even if you have no musical ability, with MP3 Remix you can easily create beautiful and original interpretations of any song in your MP3 or CD collection.

Simply select a song from your MP3 ...

Media Universe  v.3.0

0 is a FREE CD Manager/Archiver that will help you to
organize your entire CD Collection. Don't waste your time in random search
for your CDs. Organize yourself and find ANY File or Disc you wish in a matter
of seconds! Media Universe 2.

CopyAudioCD  v.1 1

Do you have a large CD collection but can?t find a CD you need easily? Are you afraid that your favorite CD may get scratched or otherwise damaged? Then it makes perfect sense to convert your CD collection into mp3 files that will always be readily available ...

RipperX  v.1.0.3

"Ripper-X", is one of the most useful CD-rippers on the market today. And its absolutely FREE! This is a useful tool gives music lovers the ability to backup their CD collection or to convert CDs to Mp3 format for Mp3 players. Music converted to an Mp3 ...

Ringtone Chop Shop  v.1.0.3

Your ringtone library is now as large as your iTunes library or CD collection. Make real-audio ringtones (MP3 ringtones, Hi Fi ringtones, music tones, etc.) using any MP3, Wav, or Ogg file, or any CD track. Very easy to use software let's you choose any ...

N2MP3 Pro  v.2.1b7

About N2MP3 ProfessionalWhether you are putting music on the web, recording audio onto your Mac or converting your CD collection into MP3, N2MP3 Professional is a state of the art solution designed to handle your encoding needs. It was engineered from ...

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