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Webhard Explore  v.1. 1. 1951

You can save/share/deliver confidential data, presentation materials, proposals, research data, and photos/moving pictures in a convenient and safe manner through Webhard anytime and anywhere.
Webhard guarantees uninterrupted work and higher productivity ...

CeeBot3  v.1. 3. 2005

The students use a language close to Java and C# to program a robot that will draw still or moving pictures. CeeBot-3 is a complete educational tool that will do most of the teaching by itself. The teacher's task will be to assist the students in their ...


Phantastic Screensaver  v.3.0

*8* of the most popular screensaver types compiled in ONE single application - now with integrated background email checking! Moving pictures & company logos, screen fader, fractal painter, color fader, falling rain, "crazy" balls, "Bull's Eye" and a ...

Movie Screen Saver  v.1.9.1

Movie Screen Saver is software designed to utilize moving pictures such as home video, flash animation, advertisement, and cinema movies as a screen saver. And you can take the latest trailers as a screen saver automatically from Apple trailers site.

Logic's Music for Video Toolbox  v.1.0

Learn essential skills for scoring video and film in this comprehensive tutorial by Steve H, a man with over 20 years of experience in making music for moving pictures.Hi, Steve H here. I'd like to tell you about this tutorial, Logic’s Music-f ...

MediaPortal  v.1.2.3

MediaPortal: everything else is just a Media Center MediaPortal turns your HTPC into a very advanced media center, or Home Theater PC (HTPC) * Listen to music and radio * Play videos, movies and DVDs * View pictures or create a slideshow * Watch, ...

Imagen  v.3.1.2

Supported formats:
* AC3, Dolby Digital compatible
* AVI / DIVX / IVF, Windows Audio Video Interleaved
* BAY, Bayer Image
* BMP / DIB, Windows Device Independent Bitmap
* CINE, Vision Research CINE, (read/uncompressed only)
* FLC / FLI, Autodesk FLIC/FLIC-Pro
* GIF, Graphics Interchange Format
* HAV, High quality Audio Video
* JP2, JPEG-2000 File Format / CodeStream
* JPEG, Joint Photographic Expert Group
* MPA / MP2 / MP3, MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer II/III (MP3 read only)
* MPEG, Moving Pictures Expert ...

Free M2TS to Mpeg Converter  v.

MPEG-2 is a generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information. Transport, video and audio standards for broadcast-quality television. MPEG-2 standard was considerably broader in scope and of wider appeal – supporting interlacing ...

Abel  v.7.0

Abel provides a range of bell pictures: you can change to different ones via the Screen/Print Options.

The pictures you see when you've just installed Abel flip between handstroke and backstroke positions exactly as Abel rings ...

Kids NetLinks Crayola Browser  v.1.0

Kids NetLinks Crayola Browser is flash-enabled, which allows children to view funny moving pictures and play games on the site.

The status bar at the top of the window shows the progress of loading web pages and items; it should be noted, ...

Focus on Design  v.

Focus on Design is a three-in-one program that helps your child learn, construct, and draw 3D design ideas. 3D teaching mode makes it possible for your child to know how the picture on the right side of the window works: how awheel rotates around axes, ...

Stereoscope Theatre Love & Romance  v.1.0

Travel back in time with a look at love and romance in Turn of the 20th Century America with this fun, musical slideshow ebook download for Windows. Features a background soundtrack of the Scott Joplin ragtime classic Bethena. Big, beautiful vintage stereoview ...

LeKuSoft Blu-ray Ripper  v.5 4

Preview, Clip, Snapshot and custom settings:Snapshot the moving pictures in preview, customize video & audio quality and size, can add any segment to clip, support batch converting, more actions after converting done, etc.
Key Features:
1.Decrypt ...

Windows Media Encoder  v.Beta 1

ISAN relates to works with moving pictures, or parts directly related to works with moving pictures (such as a full audio track of a feature film). Ad-ID relates to all forms of advertising regardless of medium, and is an extension of the ISCI system.

WifiRemote  v.0.6.1

This makes it possible to have shortcuts to for example your TV series or your movies in Moving Pictures.

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