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Ride! Carnival Tycoon  v.1.0

Choose from 25 different rides, 21 different locations, 12 food and drink stands, 10 games, 4 attractions and more!
Take on the challenge of Career Mode. Turn your earnings into better rides and bigger crowds, unlocking hidden locations as you become ...

New Star Grand Prix  v.1 27

This is a top down arcade style racer, combined with a career mode more commonly associated with simulations.
First impressions may be a bit negative, as the interface and in-game graphics are a bit basic. But the game is actually good fun. If you ...


3-IN-A-BED  v.

You can play exhibition matches against a friend or the computer, or select career mode, in which you play in realistic ranking events around the world.

Version 5.0 now ...

Taco Master  v.

Taquero to recover his stolen glory though more than 20 levels in Career mode.
In this game of memory and skill, you take several orders at the same time, then drag ingredients into a tortilla for delivery to the customer: Mmmh! Delicious tacos! ...

FIFA 11 Cheats  v.

* Unlimited money in Career mode
* Easy arena accomplishments
* Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum trophies
* and lots more...

Works offline too.

Legal Notice/Disclaimer:

This guide is an unofficial version ...

KT League Free  v.

literally! With 'Wall Ball' 'Career Mode' and 'Local Multiplayer', as well as a totally revamped A.I. system and Three Game Changing balls that will throw you for a loop as you master this excellent game!

KT League  v.

literally! With 'Wall Ball' 'Career Mode' and 'Local Multiplayer', as well as a totally revamped A.I. system and Three Game Changing balls that will throw you for a loop as you master this excellent game!

Reckless Racing Ultimate  v.1.0

Tweak, upgrade and customize your car collection as you level up in your racing career. Earn your place on the Xbox Leaderboards in both Career and Arcade modes. Challenge your friends in a variety of multiplayer modes including 1 on 1 rally racing ...

Sushi Frenzy

* 2 modes available : Career & Survival
* Play through 48 levels in Career Mode
* Choose and play 4 never-ending worlds in Survival mode
* 4 restaurants to be conquered
* 14 sushi types, 3 bug types and many more to be discovered ...

3D Pool Pro Shareware  v.2 5

It includes a five day limit on internet play, one segment of each career, and 10 free plays against the computer.

Main features:

- Free upgrades to any additions to 3D Pool Pro in the future.
- Access to faster, more accurate, ...

Motoracing  v.1.0

There are many different bikes to choose from and you can choose your favorite bike to advance through the career mode of the game. Win races against a challenging set of opponents and knock them out of the race with a set of fun and impressive tricks.

Farming-Simulator 2009  v.4. 1. 2002

Play the improved career mode and begin with a sparsely equipped farm and some old outdated vehicles. Your goal is to whip the farm into shape, extend the vehicle fleet and become a successful farmer. Through several activities such as plowing ...

Diner Dash  v.

You can choose whether you want to play it using the full screen mode or in a reduced window. You will be able to check the hints that will indicate you how to satisfy your clients and do all the things a restaurant' owner has got to do. Diner Dash 1.

Cross Racing Championship 2005  v.1 2

You can play this game in four modes: Career Mode, Quick Race, Time Trial and Free Race. Career and Free Race are not available in the demo version. In the Quick Race mode, the available events in the demo version are Autumn (UK) and Mudtrack (Hungary).

Wedding Dash - Ready Aim Love  v.32.0

What is more, the game includes three modes: Career mode (the main mode) and two others (Comics and Endless reception) that are unlocked when you complete the first level.

Regarding the graphics, they look pretty much as in the other Wedding ...

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