Can Offset


OffSync  v.1.00

With offSync, you can offset your time by a specified amount of time, and schedule a sync to occur as frequently as you choose.

This utility is placed in your system tray, allowing you to perform a manual sync at any time.

CAN-REport  v.4.0.3

The CAN-Analyzer CAN-REport is an efficient and versatile tool for analysis and commissioning of CAN-based networks according CAN 2.0A and 2.0B, like CANopen, J1939 and DeviceNet.

The built-in scripting capability allows to use it universally ...


How Can I Convert OST to PST  v.7.4

Whenever OST file users passing through any kind of trouble related with OST corruption then they don’t think that “How Can I Convert OST to PST “because everyone knows the answer that of perfect solution of their problems i.e. PDS Advance OST to ...

How Can I Import vCard to Outlook  v.2.2

How can I Import vCard to Outlook with every contacts list, address book, donOCOt worry solution is here by PCVITA vCard converter software that also provides the export/import tool which can I import vCard to Outlook for Mac within few clicks. Get Import ...

I Can Animate  v.1.4

I Can Animate lets you create stunning movies using a variety of animation techniques. I Can Animate allows you to work with different video layers so that you can create an animation from video captured from a camera, pictures you have drawn yourself ...

How Can I Recover Deleted Files on Mac  v.

How Can I Recover Deleted Files on Mac tool is the advanced and affordable recovery tool to get deleted/lost Mac files back. This software has ability to restore around 150 file types such as images, digital RAW photos, documents, audios, videos, ZIP ...

Can You See What I See  v.32.0

The 'Can you see what I see' game, is oriented to people with sharp eyes and who loves details. It's based on the Clyde Curfuffle's story of misfortune. This particular unfortunate character owns a collectables shop, but he has gone into trouble. A sequence ...

I Can Read the Prayers in Hebrew  v.1.0

I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew TM is a beginner reading program that features over 220 Sabbath and Daily Prayers and Blessings. View Program Menu. Easy to use, it is guaranteed to help you achieve your goals and boost your confidence in reading Hebrew ...

My PC Can Read!  v.1.0

Why read when your PC can do it for you with the new and innovative "My Computer Can Read!" software! Never pick up a book ever again and enjoy endless hours of storytelling by your very own PC The computer read your text.

You Can Author File Scripts For Users  v.2.10C

You Can Author File Scripts For Users is an easy-to-use, strong file management automation software that will enble users with no training to easily create simple or complex scripts.You Can Author is a simple yet strong file management automation tool ...

Barbie® I Can Be™  v.

When it comes to careers, Barbie® can be anything, and so can you! In one easy-to-play app, you can be the best-ever pizza chef, baker and pet vet, just like Barbie®!

It’s pizza time! At the pizza shop, roll out the dough and layer on your ...

I Can Read Your Mind  v.

Just as the name of the application, I can read your mind!
Don’t believe it? Try it and you’ll know!

Interesting app to play with your friend.

All You Can Eat  v.

All You Can Eat helps you track your daily intake of energy (calories), fat and carbohydrates. It comes with a built in, manually assembled database of over 700 items and an easy and quick to use interface, allowing you to enter your data quickly on the ...

Birds can't Fly  v.

Don't believe the hype! Birds can't really Fly...

Join the fun in this colorful arcade game and help the hungry cats with their daily meal.

Help the cats by tapping the trampoline in the right spot and bounce the birds into the bowl ...

Pigs Can Fly  v.

Who said pigs can't fly? In Fantasy Land they can.
Fly Super Pig through this psychedelic Fantasy Land picking up gold coins along the way to increase your score.
What out though all these strange looking creatures are out to stop you.

Include ...

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