Can He Score


Strong Bad - Strong Bad Episode 3 -  v.

In this chapter, Strong Bad is hurting for cash, so he sets out to dominate the Battle Royale of the Bands. Can he rule the stage and win the big prize? Or will he be drowned out by the competition? Find out in this high-voltage episode -- with special ...

Crazy Manna  v.1.0

Try to pass levels as fast as you can to score more points. The game is free and very fun.You should download it now and start playing , you will be captured by it after just a few clicks.Watch it can get addictive!


Tams11 Domino Swap  v.1.0

Sort the dominos as quickly as you can to score big. There are six rows. The first row will need the bones with sixes on them organized in descending order. The second with fives in descending order, etc. Do this as quickly as you can to get your name ...

TweetFame  v.

TweetFame can be used to know the popularity of a person's tweets.
A graph is shown which can he helpful in analysing the popularity.

Features :

a) A graphical representation of tweets and retweets.
b) Tapping the bar in ...

MyScoreboard  v.

With this app you can keep score at any baseball game you go to.

Keeps track of the side of the inning as well as balls, strikes, outs, and score. Switch to Box Score view to see the runs by inning.

Mango enabled fast app switching.

Sports scoreboard basketball  v.

Free application with which you can keep score of a basketball game.

Fast Math  v.

Solve as many equations as you can.

The score is the speed of solving (number of correctly solved
equations per minute).

Try Fast Math free for 30 days.

Drum 'n' Space  v.

Deploy your shield and destroy as many asteroids as you can to score points. Smashing asteroids has never been so fun.

ScorePad7  v.

A great way to keep score with any game that requires a scorepad, especially card games! Quick and easy to use, you can keep score for two, three or four players with a couple of clicks.

Add or deduct points with simple clicks instead of typing ...

Table Tiles  v.

Can you beat your buddy? How about vs. the phone on the "Impossible" setting? Each turn you get a chance to make words with 7 letters (we call them tiles). Can you score the infamous Triple Word, how about playing a Z on a triple letter, now that's SUPER! ...

Do You Remember  v.

Can you score a highscore on all four difficulty levels?

You can play the game on four difficulty levels:
- 2 patterns in a 2x2 grid
- 6 patterns in a 3x4 grid
- 8 patterns in a 4x4 grid
- 10 patterns in a 4x5 grid ...

Bounce Game  v.

Group balls of the same color together and double tap the group to score points. Swipe your finger across the screen to slice bombs before they explode. How many points can you score before you run out of lives? Tip - green balls are worth more points.

Cube Man  v.1.1

He understands just one thing, and that's to get out! Can he? That's all up to you!

Hulk Smush Up  v.

He must destroy everything that he can before changing back to his human alter ego, Dr. Bruce Banner. The green monster can climb buildings if you use the up arrow key, and can hit to destroy whatever you want if you press the spacebar. If you hit the ...

Eguasoft Basketball Scoreboard  v.

Eguasoft Basketball Scoreboard can show the score for basketball games on a projector with the help of this software. In gyms, arenas, or school facilities you can use this program to display a basketball scoreboard. Normally, physical scoreboards are ...

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