Caliber Fifty


Caliber Fifty

It's twenty years after the end of the Vietnam War. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to venture forth once again on the Ho Chi Minh trail and try to rescue some of the downed American airmen left behind. Helicopters, tanks and fighter ...

Fifty States  v.

Fifty States allows you to track your progress towards visiting all 50 states. You are able to record more than one visit for each state along with the date visited and a note about your trip.

Fully functional trial allows you to try all features ...


Island Screensaver Memories

Screensaver Featuring Fifty (50) Beautiful High Quality Photographs of Nassau & Paradise Island including The Beaches, TheOcean, Birds, Trees, Historic Tourist Destinations and more! Makes a great gift or souvenir.


It is a powerful tool with nearly fifty filters. As PowerPick3, PowerPick4 is also simple and extremely easy to use. It is the just tool to save your time and do the thing you have never thought before.
1. Exhaustive previous winning number.

Desktop Clock  v.1.6

The main features include Time Voice Preview (male or female), Daily Planner, Shutdown Pc or Log OFF from Windows at any set time, Countdown to the Future Date, Changeable clock hands and frame, Pc Work Time since system start-up, fifty RSS Channels with ...

ESF Database Convert - Standard  v.5. 9. 1937

9 provides you with more than two hundred and fifty six conversion methods. Using this software, you will be able to convert from and to the following databases:

Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, MySQL 3.23/4.x/5.x, SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000/2005/ 2008, ...

UFO Aftershock  v.1. 2. 2001

The story connects to one of the endings of UFO: Aftermath, but takes place fifty years later. One way of losing in UFO: Aftermath was to make the pact with the alien invaders - Reticulans - and let them have the Earth in exchange for a refuge ...

Spellagories  v.32.0

3 different levels of difficulty exist for wordsmiths of every caliber. You will find 3 difficulty settings and the most comprehensive dictionary available.

MemoryGame  v.3.0.2436

The program will show you fifty four cards laying with its face down on the board. You can flip two cards at a time, so you will have to remember where is a given card when you turn its companion face up. If you fail to match a pair, both ...

Chron X  v.3 7

There are 27 billion people alive on Earth, and each month fifty million more are born. Border disputes erupt into chronic wars; refugees from changing climates circle the globe; disease and starvation spread and refuse to disappear. Rich governments, ...

Buccaneer Demo  v.1.0

You will command a pirate fleet in the Caribbean through a fifty-mission campaign, trying to defeat your enemies with your cannons.

You will be able to fully customize your ships, select weapons and more. The game can be played ...

BAE-Software GFX-View  v.3.1.430

GFX-View can display standard implementations of fifty (50) different Graphic file types and ten (10) Audio/Video Media file types..

GFX-View provides six (6) different ways to view graphics files.
You can use:


Project Companion  v.4 1

Throughout the world, more than fifty thousand people have already found that Project Companion is an invaluable day-to-day reference guide to help them use Microsoft Project better. Accessed by a simple browser, users can immediately access the knowledge ...

EquiSim ROI  v.

It boasts professional caliber handicapping tools, database handicapping capability, statistically proven prediction models, and exceptional ease of use.

EquiSim is a full featured, professional grade handicapping program. Its capabilities ...

NannyPay 2011  v.2 1

NannyPay supports all fifty states and federal income tax with holdings. It will also generate withholding and liability reports, and print form W-2s, W-3s and federal Schedule-H. NannyPay is available on a one-year subscription basis.
NannyPay ...

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