Calculation Of Harddisk


MITCalc - Buckling Calculation  v.1.18

- Calculation of area characteristics of 20 types of cross-sections.
- Design of optimum profile accommodating the set load.
- Strength check of the strut.
- Calculation and graphical representation of permitted stress dependent ...

LeoCalculator  v.3.5

LeoCalculator is an application for performing calculation of mathematical expressions these could include not only basic operations but also functions and brackets. LeoCalculator also permits to use of predefined variables.


Baby Gender Calculator

This is Windows software, simple for installation and usage that for affordable price provides in one place: Prediction of period for conceiving a child of wanted gender; Determination of fertile days (Ovulation Calendar); Calculation of delivery term ...

AnyGraph  v.0.02

Software AnyGraph created to simplify the development of system models used in the calculation of reliability of complex technical systems and their analysis. The basic concept is to provide software AnyGraph model as a set of interacting components (technical ...

Ultra Crypto Component  v.2.0.2013.323

Support encryption and decryption of file
Support encryption and decryption of string
Support encryption and decryption of memory buffer
Support calculation of hash on string, file or memory buffer
Support digital signature creation ...

Energy Costs Calculator

Do you often wonder which household appliances use so much power? You don't know why your water bill is so high? This free power and water consumption calculator will allow a quick and easy calculation of the consumption of utilities of a single appliance.

MB Nakshatra Lost Object Oracle

It helps you find objects that have been misplaced on the basis of calculation of the constellation the moon was placed in on the day of loss. If you use MB Nakshatra Lost Object Oracle Software and do a free lost object oracle divination the results ...

MB Nakshatra Oracle

This is based on the calculation of the Nakshatra or constellation that the moon is occupying on the day of birth and current day. MB Nakshatra Oracle does a free nakshatra oracle divination and tells you how favorable a particular day or a specific ...

Toxic Biohazard  v.1. 5. 2001

One of the 'warmest', crisp, and clear Frequency Modulation engines in the world, owes its sound to the precise calculation of the digital signal. Due to high-resolution DSP processing, it produces sound with an extremely low noise threshold; something ...

Prog Finder  v.2 29

Main features:
- Calculation of azimuth and elevation angle.
- Indication of level of a signal, including the sound.
- Chart of signal level.
- Scanner and power satellite detection.
- Control of Diseq positioner(include ...

Mkon's SatCalc  v.0.5

Features include the calculation of the LNB skew and calculation of sun outage which occurs in spring and fall. The calculated data is presented graphically and can also be printed out and exported to HTML or CSV.

A list of Longitude ...

ADInstruments Dose Response  v.1.2.400

ADInstruments Dose Response allows for the calculation of dose response type data from LabChart recordings. Analysis can be performed automatically or manually and either in real time or offline. Previously recorded LabChart data can be converted for ...

Seakeeper  v.

The Seakeeper hydrodynamic and seakeeping analysis program is able to provide fast, reliable calculation of vessel response and seakeeping characteristics for many types of Maxsurf designs in a variety of sea states.

Seakeeper provides designers ...

LSM Image Browser  v.4 2

Zeiss LSM Image Browser can be used for viewing, comparing, sorting and printing LSM
-image Browser, supports LSM file format
-calculation of single 3D projections (transparency or maximum modes)
-orthogonal Section View

Pandat  v.8. 1. 2001

Pandat software is an integrated computational environment for phase diagram calculation and materials property simulation of multi-component systems based on CALPHAD (CALculation of PHAse Diagram) approach. It combines powerful calculation engines including ...

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