Calculation Methods


Seapower  v.3.3

SeaPower resistance and power prediction program provides the designer with 28 resistance prediction methods suitable for displacement vessels, planing vessels, semi-displacement vessels plus model correlation feature and 9 propeller calculation methods. Fuel ...

TX-Win interior  v.2 8

When using spotlights with narrow-angle light distribution, the calculation results are less precise than usually, due to the applied Fraunhofer region
photometry and the applied calculation methods.


Petroleum systems quick look for  v.1.0

Key functionalities include:

- drainage area calculation: size of area from which petroleum can migrate to a specific play or prospect
- source rock maturity and petroleum generation: whether sufficient amounts of petroleum can be generated in an area of interest
- flash calculation methods for ...

Span  v.

Using calculation methods similar to the original IMS Velocity Performance Prediction Program, Span solves the equations for lift and drag for hull and rig and finds an equilibrium velocity and angle of heel. Span's calculations operate through ...

Dataplore  v.2. 2. 2003

setting of markers)
-Complex signals, two-dimensional signals and 3D-plots
-Macro programming and batch mode operation
-Time-frequency spectra and isoline plots
-Adjustable filters and estimation features
-Statistical tests and regression methods
-ARMA-, ARIMA-, ARMAX- and NARMA modeling
-Tools for coupling analysis of complex systems
-Methods for analysing instationary ...

AnyBook 4: Publisher's Business Kit  v.10 3

-Sales Commission Reporting
-Ad Campaign Tracking
-Variable Tax Rate Support
-Early Warning System for Low Inventory
-Multi-level Pricing
-Auto-fill Business Forms
-MS Excel Support
-UPS Worldship Support
-New Royalty Calculation Methods and ...

COCO  v.

The package exhibits more than 100 property calculation methods with their analytical or numerical derivatives.

COUSCOUS - the CAPE-OPEN Unit-operations Simple package is shipped with COCO. It contains a splitter, a mixer, heat-exchangers, pumps ...

OmniValue  v.2.0

0 features a new financial metric for Cash flow, support for multiple tax calculation methods, high and low price alerts, bookmarks, a rebuilt transaction engine with support for different record and payment dates in a transaction, reference scaling, ...

ThermalWall  v.

The physical quantities treated and their numerical procedures are those defined in the European Standard EN ISO 13786 December 2007 "Thermal performance of building components - Dynamic thermal characteristics - Calculation methods (ISO 13786:2007)".

Salaat Time  v.1 9

* All prayer time calculation methods available. Optional adjustment of calculated times.
* Extreme geographical locations of cities close to the poles are also calculated.
* Dynamic Data Exchange Server support. Rich DDE Interface.

Dr. Regener Sun-Moon-Calendar  v.9.0

Other features include absolute local accuracy by management of own locations, pretty daily graphic, easy navigation and additional search functions, scientific calculation methods that involve even the influence of the moons distance, and the ability ...

Stock Aides  v.1.5

Four moving average overlays on price chart with custom range and selection for simple or exponential calculation methods.
.One moving average overlay on volume chart.
.Industry group index charting and analysis.
.Reference charting displays ...

PrayerTimes  v.

Prayer Times application allows users to choose from standard defined calculation methods for the prayers and to adjust times manually.

Ramadan Times  v.

In addition to that, you can also view the Prayer timings with monthly calendars of a year based upon your chosen calculation methods and location.

You can also read and share the translation of Qur'anic verses, Ahadith and Quotes ...

MITCalc - Rolling Bearings Calculation III (FAG)  v.1 10

This module can be used for the selection, calculation and check of rolling bearings. The programme provides solutions to the following tasks: - Selection and check of a suitable bearing. This module includes a database of approx. 5,000 inch rolling bearings ...

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