Calculate Ftp Speed


Radar Speed  v.

Calculates the speed of anything. Turn your phone into a radar gun!

Use Radar Speed to calculate the speed of any person or moving object, such as a car or baseball.


Programmed distances - such as: MLB Pitch, drag ...

DiskBenchmark  v.1. 2. 2004

Disk Benchmark is a free utility to calculate the speed of any hard disk or removable media like a USB flash disk. This program will perform several test on the target drive ,then calculate the speed in megabytes per seconds ...


Warpulator  v.

Warpulator you calculate warp speed. This software is dedicatedto all Trekkies and uses the newest formula for your calculation. Features: Allows to calculate velocity to Warp Scale and Vice Versa.

RouteCalc  v.1.1

Calculate cruise speed with ease. RouteCalc is a command Line Route calculator for Aviation. Inputs: Cruise Speed, Fuel Burn, Wind Direction/Speed, Segment Distance. Outputs: Flight Bearing, Ground Speed, Segment Time, Fuel Burn. Deals with Multiple Segments ...

Radar Gun Free  v.

Radar Gun allows you to figure out baseball pitch speed from any standard mound distance. Radar Gun uses distance over time to calculate pitch speed. Select the mound distance you want, click the "Start" button when the pitcher releases the ball and the ...

Speedo  v.

As well as displaying your average speed (in miles or kilometres per hour) and acting as a trip meter, this app also calculates the speed at which you would have to travel over the next short distance to achieve a specific overall average speed. The speed ...

PitchSpeed  v.

PitchSpeed will then calculate the speed in either MPH or KM/H.

Setting on the second screen allow the user to toggle between MPH and KM/H. As well, to change the distance from the pitchers mound to home plate.

The app relies on quick ...

PCDJ Red VRM  v.

PCDJ Red, along with other additional plug-ins patched together, also provides top quality sound engines available for professional DJs and musicians, and has a unique BPM extractor to calculate song speed, making the beat matching process ...

Fitness Results Manager  v.

Usually the phones can detect whether you are running or walking and as a result, they can calculate distance, speed and calories burnt.

Sony Ericsson Fitness Results Manager is a small tool that will help you to transfer your fitness session ...

RaceLog  v.1 2

Apart from tracking racing events, you can describe and store information of gear boxes and calculate the speed of each gear and the diameter of tires. Finally, the program includes a Stop Watch that allows you to track the time and calculate ...

File Organiser  v.1.610

Memory card speed can be obtained. (using the copy button) - NEW since Jan 2009. V1.19
5. Info button, to find out where all the disk space is used.
6. Extensive, flexible file renaming. (To make searches easier in the future!!)
7. Save file/ ...

Arrowmatcher  v.

It can calculate the speed, kinetic energy, trajectory, aiming solution and much more of an arrow (or bullet). It uses a simplified 6 degree of freedom model.

ObjectusVideo  v.1.0.0

Features:- Up to 4 videos in a single window- Synchronize all videos- Define and mark Events- Full complement of drawing tools- Layered drawing- Set scale/calculate object speed- Zoom/Pan video- Magnify individual sections of video- Flip (mirror) video- ...

VFTPX - Ultra High Speed FTP Client  v.4.0

VFTPX is one of the world's fastest, most capable FTP client applications. Designed to support high-volume upload/download processes, VFTPX can establish 1-50 simultaneous, multithreaded FTP connections.

For example, using a cable modem and 50 ...

Win FTP Client  v.1 90

WinFTP Client is a FTP client software with high-performance.
With the development of internet technology, the speed in Network has been enhanced largely.So the practicability, stability and easy use of the software became the pivotal problem. WinFTP ...

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