Calcium Magnesium Vitamin D


Vitamin D Video  v.1. 4. 2002

Have you ever wished to know what happened at your home, backyard, bedroom or somewhere in your house when you were gone? If your answer is yes, this program might be really good for you. What this program does, it detects any moving around your house.

Recipe Catalog  v.4.0.1

Recipe Catalog provides detailed nutrition information on each recipe that is entered, including calories, fat, protein, fiber, sugars, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, and more. Recipe Catalog comes with a database of more than ...


AcoustiSoft R+D  v.

R D (RPlusD) is simply the best available analyzer for room acoustics measurement for the purpose of hifi sound in small and medium sized rooms available at any price.
It is as easy to operate as can be with the guiding principle of getting measurements ...

D Sculptor  v.

D Sculptor is a program that allows you to quickly create sophisticated 3-D models of real-world objects using nothing but a PC and an ordinary digital camera. It differs from previous 3-D modelling software products as it is able to model not only regular ...

D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G DWL-G650  v.2 3

D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G DWL-G650 Adapter : D-Link 802.11g Xtreme G products to deliver the Industry's fastest performance, up to 15 times faster than 802.11b. With a maximum wireless signal rate of up to 108Mbps, the 802.11g D-Link Xtreme G DWL-G650 with ...

Olivetti d-Copia 300MF/d-Copia  v.

Olivetti d-Copia 300MF, d-Copia 400MF and d-Copia 500MF, A3 monochrome multifunctional digital systems, are modular devices that can be configured to suit the needs of individual corporate users. The configuration can be extended with optional trays and ...

D+ecryptage PDF  v.2.4

Avez-vous un copie moment difficile, l'impression ou la modification d'un document PDF en raison des restrictions appliqu+ees? Voulez-vous de d+ecrypter vos fichiers PDF? Ne pas vous faire confiance sur les outils en ligne pour d+ecrypter des fichiers ...

Places I'd Rather Be Screensaver

Places I'd Rather Be Screensaver allows you to build a travel-related screensaver. Just type in the name of any place you would rather be (such as Disneyland or Tropical Island), and the program will automatically retrieve related images from the Internet.

Wallpaper: Beach D

Title: Beach D.

An available afternoon on a lush desert island.

A gentle, empty, white sands beach. Sand crabs hiding. Stinging scorpions and jelly fish far away on the beach one down. The snakes in their jungle.

An elephant ...

D-Softs Database Comparer

D-Softs Database Comparer is a powerful and fast mssql database compare tool. It not only can be used to compare schemas of two databases, and the contents of two databases can also be compared. It supports thirty mssql database Objects Types, with strong ...

D'Accord Easy Tuner  v.3.0.4

D'Accord Easy Tuner is a program designed to assist in the tuning of stringed instruments.

When started, it displays the image of a guitar's arm (this image switches when the user selects another instrument), highlighting the string you want ...

D'Accord Drums Player  v.1.0.4

D'Accord Drums Player is a program to practice and learn to play drums.

The program can be installed in English or Portuguese.

You will be able to open and play any MIDI file (.mid). D'Accord Drums Player will show you how ...

D-Player  v.

D-Player is a real time 3-D player where a cyber dancer dances to music.

The user can see the dance by selecting various characters through the player, equipped with various functions such as slow motion, section repetition, angle-adjusting ...

D.S. MP3 Converter  v.

D.S. MP3 Converter is an easy to use and powerful audio converter produced by D.S Software Studio. it can change music file format among *.wav, *.mp3, *.wma, *.ogg, and etc. Built-in directory tree view make it easy to select source file. simply select ...

D'Accord Metronome  v.1.0.1

The D'Accord Metronome 1.0 is a software instrument program that enables users interested in music to set up their temp requirements.

Users are presented with a neat, small tempo setting interface that is very easy to use. They can learn about ...

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