Cakewalk Limiter


Cakewalk Audio FX Pack 1  v.1 2

Cakewalk Audio FX 1 is a series of four dynamic real-time audio processing plug-ins including Compressor/Gate, Limiter, Expander/Gate, and Dynamics Processor. Audio FX 1 plug-ins use 32-bit, floating-point processing, providing you with fast, precise, ...

Computer Time Limiter  v.

Computer Time Limiter (CTL) is parental control software that imposes limits on computer time usage. It allows you to manage and control how long and when your children are using the computer. Computer Time Limiter is small and light, up and running in ...


Cakewalk Audio Finder Tool  v.

Cakewalk® sequencers associate digital audio data with Cakewalk WRK and CWP files. When you record audio data in Cakewalk or open a .BUN or .CWB file, the audio data is stored in a separate directory location. This operation is largely transparent to ...

Sonnox Oxford Limiter Native VST  v.1. 1. 2001

The Oxford Limiter has been developed from decades of professional audio experience to provide a very high degree of quality and facility in programme loudness control and limiting functions. By employing highly accurate logarithmic side chain processing, ...

Cakewalk Audio FX Pack 2  v.5 1

Looking for a way to warmup your digital audio - but can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on vintage analog or tube gear? Now you can with Cakewalk Audio FX 2.
Created by precise measurement and analysis, Audio FX 2 uses advanced processing ...

Cakewalk Pro Audio  v.

Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 is the new version of the industry's leading multitrack digital audio and MIDI software. It's the professional's choice for creating, mixing and delivering music and sound in a wide range of media. Wherever your next project takes ...

Cakewalk Pro  v.8.0

If youre serious about your music and sound projects and are looking to maximize cost efficiencies, then Cakewalk Professional 7 is for you.

Mic Input Limiter  v.1.0.0007

The Mic Input Limiter is a simple to use Windows XP utility that allows the Sysop of a Repeater / Link or PC User to try and control the audio going into their node / link. It cuts down the mic gain when strong audio is used.
The program runs alongside ...

EC Limiter II  v.2.00

Two band special soft limiter.

Audio Compressor & Limiter  v.0.6

Real Time / Live audio compressor and brickwall limiter. Audio Compressor & Limiter takes audio data from a selected input sound device/mixer applies compression as well as brick wall limiting and sends the processed data to the chosen output sound device/mixer.

VST BrickWall Limiter  v.0.8

VST brickwall limiter plugin. VST BrickWall Limiter is an audio signal limiter plug-in for professional audio production applications.1. Input Gain:
Increasing the input gain drives the limiter into limiting2. Threshold:
The maximum allowed signal ...

TLim: Transaction Limiter  v.0.9.2

TLim (Transaction Limiter)TLim is a patch that spam-hardens sendmail against both inbound and outbound abuse.TLim counts the number of transactions an IP performs. Should the IP violate admin-defined limits, it is sanctioned via a null route.

Peak Limiter  v.1 53

This permits rising the main volume of the sound file considerably without causing clipping or distortion! Peak Limiter enhances single sound samples, fully arranged music recordings and digitized speech.

Cakewalk Audio FX Pack 3  v.1.0

Cakewalk Audio FX 3 SoundStage allows you to design acoustic environments in which to play back digital audio, resulting in unique, realistic reverb.
To create the perfect room, just click and drag your mouse to move walls and change ceiling height.

Cakewalk Beatscape  v.1.0.2

This update addresses a specific issue where the Beatscape instrument would time out if the system clock advanced past February, 1st 2009. It is recommended for all Beatscape users.
After installing the updates, please review the Read Me files for ...

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