Cadence Virtuoso


Cadence Allegro Free Physical Viewer  v.16 3

The Cadence® Allegro® FREE Physical Viewer is a free download that allows you to view and plot databases from Allegro PCB Editor, Allegro Package Designer, and Allegro PCB SI technology.
Allows you to generate a report that provides details about ...

Catchy Cadence  v.1.0

Music is great for dancing to, but did you know that it's also makes the perfect accompaniment to chopping wood, playing tennis and making sandwiches? Install Jaybot's Catchy Cadence on your device and you'll find out why.

Catchy Cadence is ...


Virtuoso Organizer  v.2 2

Using the Virtuoso Organizer you will be able to: organize your personal or business,
customers, suppliers, and other contacts in the Address Book. Create single and
reoccurring reminders (events) on a daily and monthly basis. Using the Calendar ...

RAW Virtuoso  v.0.22

RAW Virtuoso is a easy-to-use raw photo viewer. RAW Virtuoso can quickly get a preview of different types of RAW files, and maybe convert them.
RAW Virtuoso features a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its ...

Cadence  v.

Cadence is a full-featured, easy-to-use audio recorder for Windows Phone. Besides recording, it easily manages the audio files it produces, and painlessly syncs those files to your PC*. With Cadence, you can – literally - launch the app, record some ...

OpenLink Virtuoso (Open-Source Edition)  v.6.1.5

Virtuoso is a scalable cross-platform server that combines Relational, Graph, and Document Data Management with Web Application Server and Web Services Platform functionality.

Cadence Desktop Pro  v.1.2

Use Cadence Desktop Pro to quickly analyze your iTunes music library for each song's BPM, and export each song's BPM value into iTunes. Then use iTunes to make great tempo specific playlists. Cadence Desktop has its own unique BPM detection magic wand ...

Cadence Desktop  v.

Use Cadence Desktop to analyze your iTunes music library for each songs BPM, export each songs BPM value into iTunes and create a set of BPM playlists.Requirements:
* iTunes
* NET Framework ...

Cadence BPM Tapper for Mac OS X  v.1.2.2001

Get Started with BPM Tapper: - Launch iTunes and then Cadence BPM Tapper. - Play the song you want a BPM for. - Tap the large button along with the beat of the music. You can use your mouse or use the spacebar on your keyboard. - After around 10 taps ...

Cadence BPM Tapper  v.1.0.0

This free little buddy is used to get BPM's for your songs into iTunes. Just tap the big button along to the beat of the music and a precise BPM will be given to you. Just tap and all will be revealed. This is your start into a world of perfect BPM playlists.

OpenLink Lite ODBC Driver for Virtuoso  v.4.50.2919

High-Performance ODBC Drivers provide transparent access to remote databases from any ODBC-compliant application. Desktop Productivity Tools (i.e., Spreadsheets, Word Processors, Presentation Packages, Desktop Databases, Personal Organizers, etc.), Client-Server ...

GearRatioCalculator  v.

Combination of 22 types of chain wheel, 39 types of sprockets and 70 types of tires - Create a graph of the gear ratio and speed-cadence.
By switch ON/OFF the display of each inner / center / outer gear, you can simulate the optimal gear ratio.

VelodromeBuddy  v.

Input chainring, cog, cadence and get the data you need for your next race. Speed is given in either MPH or KPH.

Virtuosa  v.5 2

Virtuosa is a comprehensive multimedia tool. This program is easy for beginners and really powerful for advanced users. It contains audio/video players, CD ripper, burner, audio files converter, tracks organizer, tracks editor, mixer and so on. It's a ...

Monarch MV5  v.

Monarch MV5 is a real-time hardware based MPEG1 Encoder & complete VCD authoring solution bundled with easy to use MV5 software.
- Captures video in standard VCD & high-quality MPEG1 format
- Complete editing and authoring solution ...

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