Browsing History Tracker


Expat Shield  v.2 16

Examples of information that ExpatShield protects are your name, location, browsing history, and searches you perform online.

Window Washer  v.6 6

Window Washer removes all traces of your Web browsing history, files that show your computer use, and other files that reveal your activity.
Window Washer also removes unnecessary files that consume valuable disk space, such as files in the Recycle ...


Firefox Backup Tool  v.1.0

If you often update and adjust your Firefox web browser, this Firefox Backup Tool can help you, it can easily backup all the important configuration of your Firefox, including user preferences, bookmarks, extensions, browsing history, etc.. You can back ...

Cleanlab Application  v.2 2

CleanLab App is an application that will help you remove all temporary files, browser's cache files and clean unnecessary browsing history.

Cleanlab cleans history of IE browser, so that you have more control over your privacy. Cleanlab helps ...

SecuWipe for Pocket PC  v.1.0

Wipe contacts, email, SMS, temporary files, browsing history, files and memory cards.

The program employs different data sanitizing algorithms, including zero-filling, U.S. DoD 5220.22-M method, Bruce Schneier's algorithm, and Peter Gutmann's ...

4t Explorer Sweeper  v.2.0

4t Explorer Sweeper clears browsing history such as cookies, temporary Internet files, index files, recently accessed files, URL's, search terms, passwords, etc. It also speeds up PC performance, increases free disks space and improves security by clearing ...

WinClearup Utilities 2005  v.1.2.0

WinClearup Utilities 2005 clears your browsing history of cookies, temporary Internet files, index files, recently accessed files and typed URLs. It can also repair IE when affected by malicious Web sites.

Privacy Protector for Firefox  v.1.0

Privacy Protector for Firefox is a Firefox add-on, it can remove all traces of your browsing history. Privacy Protector is a Firefox extension designd to clean your browsing history.
You can secure your privacy by deleting:
1. Browsing & Download ...

MyWebSlider  v.1.1.1

myWebSlider is a unique navigation add-on for Internet Explorer that automatically records your browsing history in form of website captures, and allows you to navigate to previously visited sites by using a slideshow that is accessible from the IE toolbar.

Click&Clean  v.

Just click on the Cleaner button and CCleaner will be started and it will erase the Internet history and other tracks on your computer safely and totally without any prompts. If you use it with Firefox it will also clear private data without prompts.

CacheFire  v.0.9 Beta 1

CacheFire is a history manager for Mozilla Firefox. It allows you to specify sites which should not be kept in the browsing history. You can either specify whole URLs (web page addresses) or you can specify a partial string to match an URL.
For example, ...

MyLastSearch  v.1.57

It scan the IE and Firefox browsing history and returns a formatted report with all web searches performed on Google, Yahoo and MSN Google, Yahoo and MSN. The report includes the time of the search, search term, web browser and other details, and can ...

Incognito Browser  v.

This a simple and fast web browser with no browsing history. You can save your favorite websites and protect them with a password.

GLocations  v.

***Excellent Windows Phone Client for Google Maps and Location History Tracker***

***We are not related Google Inc.***


*Full Screen Google Map with support of both orientations
*Current Location detection
*Five ...

Clear All History Portable  v.6 1

Clear All History Portable is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to delete Internet and computer history tracks. The portable version of Clear All History can be installed and used on any kind of removable storage media (USB disk, flash drive, ...

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