Box Plot


FragmentationAnalyzer  v.1.5.8

Mass Error Box Plot - analyze the variation in mass errors.
6. Fragment Ion Probability Plot - analyze the probability of observing specific fragment ions.
7. Fragment Ion Heat Map - compare fragmentations using heat maps of correlation data.

Statcato  v.0.9.12

Nonparametrics (sign test, Wilcoxon signed rank and rank sum test, Kruskal-Wallis, rank correlation, runs test)Statcato also provides a calculator and utilities for creating graphs, including bar chart, box plot, dot plot, histogram, normal quantile ...


MIX Pro  v.

The following graphs are currently integrated: simple forest plot, histogram, normal-quantile plot, Galbraith plot, LAbbe plot, heterogeneity funnel plot, Baujat plot, synthesis forest plot, cumulative forest plot, Bayesian triplot, exclusion sensitivity plot, weighting sensitivity plot, selectivity box plot, selectivity regression ...

The Unscrambler X  v.10.2

FEATURES: TE Analysis Methods TE Descriptive statistics (Mean, Standard Deviation, Box-Plot, skewness, kurtosis, correlation matrix) TE Principal Component Analysis (PCA) TE Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR) TE Regression (MLR, PCR, PLS-R, 3-way ...

GLMStat  v.6.0.0

Graphs are scatter, box plot, and frequency distribution. Ken Beath's Website.

GLMStat X  v.6.0

Graphs are scatter, box plot, and frequency distribution. Ken Beath's Website.

AnyChart JS Charts and Dashboards  v.7.13.0

AnyChart provides scatter, line, bar, area, waterfall, spline, funnel, bubble, polar, column, columnrange, pie, box plot, linear and angular gauges, areasplinerange, and lots of other sorts of charts available separately and in combination.

ADSS.Plot Control

Change look of plot control.
Make custom labels for axises.
Allow to move and scale plot!
Show hint with values.
Make smooth figures without sharp lines.
and many other useful features.

Box Flash Gallery

Box Flash Gallery implements a natural and compact way to present your photos online. Use a table structure of thumbnails for navigating through your online flash album.

Movie Box App  v.3.3.8

Movie Box is Best Application for watching movie, TV shows , Music video, here you to give us clear step by step guide how to download and install Moive Box for Android , all user can free download Movie Box and most user friendly apps.

All ...

Plot Digitizer  v.2. 4. 2001

Plot Digitizer is a great piece of software developed by Joseph A. Huwaldt. The main goal of the program is to extract information from two-dimensional plots or graphs. It is very common to find information the form of a plot or graph, showing the relation ...

Rizone 3D Box Creator  v.

Although this is the most common use of the program, you can alsoo use it to create a box featuring a photo in each side. The process is very easy. Choose the size of the box and then drag and drop one photo each side of it The program will do the rest.

Beauty Box  v.1. 2. 2002

Beauty Box Photo is a new kind of digital skin retouching tool.The Beauty Box skin retouching plugin provides photographers and digital artists with an easy and powerful way of smoothing out skin.This application can be use for a glamour shoot, senior ...

Pill Box  v.7.0.1

Pill Box is for everyone who takes medication on a daily schedule and wants to keep a record of their prescriptions and the doctors who prescribe them.

Reports show detailed records of all your medicines including schedules, RX numbers, ...

Box Office Xpress Junior  v.

In-house box office management and ticketing program for any sort of venue that needs to sell tickets for reserved seating or general admission Events.

Key Features:

Sell and print tickets fast; Keep current customer records for ...

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