Borland Licence


Licence Protector  v.4 ...

Devrace FIBPlus for Borland InterBase and Firebird  v.6.0

Devrace FIBPlus is a fast, flexible and high-performance component library for Delphi 5-7, C++ Builder 5-6 and Kylix 3 intended for work with Borland InterBase and Firebird using direct InterBase API. FIBPlus combines simplicity of architecture with development ...


CMATH for Borland C++ (Win32)

For Borland C++ (BC4.0+, BC++Builder, Borland Dev. Studio, Turbo C++).

OptiVec for Borland C++  v.6.3.5

This version is for the Embarcadero / Borland / CodeGear C++ compilers (RAD Studio, Borland Developer Studio, Borland C++ Builder, Borland C++, Turbo C++).

Borland Delphi 8 Architect Edition

Borland Delphi 8 for the Microsoft .NET Framework, Architect Edition is your evolution for the .NET revolution. Simplify your move to .NET today with Delphi language RAD development for the Microsoft .NET Framework including VCL Forms, Windows Forms, ...

Licence Monitor  v.1.1 beta

The Orcina Licence Monitor (OLM) is a service that monitors the current number of OrcaFlex licences claimed on a network in real time. Other programs that use the OrcaFlex programming interface (OrcFxAPI) such as Distributed OrcaFlex and the OrcaFlex ...

CMATH for Borland C++  v.6.3

This version is for the Embarcadero / Borland / CodeGear C/C++ compilers (RAD Studio, Borland Dev. Studio, BC++Builder, BC4.0+, Turbo C++).

Packet Sniffer SDK for Windows (for Borland C comp  v.2 1

Currently Packet Sniffer SDK is represented in the following implementations: ActiveX,DLL,VCL, and static libraries for Microsoft VC compatible and Borland compilers.

Therefore, Packet Sniffer SDK component/library family allows you ...

Licence Protector Multimedia Edition  v.3.1.3

Multiple license and copy protection methods including evaluation options are available:
* Content Protection
* Software Copy Protection
* Time limited evaluation versions
* Network licence per PC and per User (floating licence as an option)
* ...

Borland InterBase  v.7. 5. 2001

Embarcadero® InterBase® XE is a high-performance, easy-to-install, full-featured database that has been proven in thousands of business-critical server, desktop, and embedded applications. InterBase provides you with a resilient, lightweight, low-cost ...

Borland Together Designer  v.1.0

Together is a modeling platform that gives enterprise teams leading-edge design capabilities which enable the visualization and continued maintenance of IT architectures.
Together modeling technologies enable software delivery teams to create applications ...

Borland JBuilder  v.10.0

JBuilder® is one of the most complete and powerful Java IDE's available with support for the leading commercial and open source Java EE 5 application servers.
JBuilder's code profiling and performance tuning tools, which include the ability to profile ...

Textease Studio CT - Ideasmap Licence  v.1.0

Textease IdeasMap provides a structured means of organising, understanding and remembering information in a fun and imaginative way.
Designed for pupils from KS1 upwards, Textease IdeasMap is an aid to note taking, a time-saving way to capture ideas ...

Textease Studio CT - Timeline Licence  v.1.0

Timelines can be used to organise information and sequence events in a number of curriculum subjects at both primary and secondary level.
Textease Timeline brings a totally new dimension to sequencing events, enabling children to organise information ...

DISLIN for Borland C++ 5.5  v.9.0

DISLIN is a high-level library of subroutines and functions that display data graphically. It is intended to be a powerful and easy to use software package for programmers and scientists that does not require knowledge of hardware features. The software ...

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