Border Lands


Gods - Lands of Infinity  v.

GODS: Lands of Infinity invites you into an exciting world full of adventures, battles and quests of unearthly affairs. You can spend hours discovering the world of Antasion, trading and completing the lead quests of each race or kingdom as well as many ...

Pioneer Lands  v.1.0

Pioneer Lands is unique game with a fascinating combination of business simulation and strategy set on the frontier of AmericaOCOs Old West! A true Western casual game! ItOCOs a story about about brave pioneers who lived in early America. YouOCOre one ...


Border Collie Screensaver  v.1.1.2

Border Collie Screensaver is a nice screensaver that will show on your screen many images of Border Collie of different breeds and sizes. The Border Collie is the world's premier sheep herder, prized for its intelligence, extraordinary instinct and working ...

Forgotten Lands: First Colony ™  v.1.0

Forgotten Lands The First Colony 1.0 is a game where you will need to build a new town.

Your home, Greensville Island, it's running out of resources. The people have chosen you as their leader to take them to a new home.

You will ...

Piooner Lands  v.1.0

Pioneer Lands gives you the best of business simulation and strategy game, set on the frontier of America's Old West!
It's a story about the brave pioneers who lived and tamed America's frontier. You are the first to make the long journey, full of ...

Cross Border Gasser  v.

filling up in Canada?

Cross Border Gas takes existing US$/Cdn$ exchange rate (or you can just type in the value if you don't have data access) and automatically calculate how much Cdn$ you are saving when filling up in the US.

Simply ...

Mexico/US Border Wait Times  v.

Mexico/US Border Wait Times presents a simple interface showing bi-directional border wait times from both the US and Mexican perspectives. No need to tap multiple times to check your favorite border crossing it's all on one compact tile.

Tap ...

Canada/US Border Wait Times  v.

1 - Northbound wait times at Canada land border ports

Canada Border Wait Times is now Canada/US Border Wait Times!

Shows US and Canada bound land border wait times from entry points from across Canada where information is available.
- ...

Border Wait Times  v.

** New: Update Times on Border Tile

Border Wait Times (with Border Cams) presents a simple interface showing bi-directional border wait times from both the US and Canadian perspectives. No need to tap multiple times to check your favorite border ...

Border Waits  v.

Simple and clean panorama user interface presents to you the most useful Canadian/US border wait times.

U.S. Border Check  v.

border and save it as a favorite. Quickly switch between your favorites. Pin borders to your start screen so you can check the wait time at a glance.

Twisted Lands Insomniac  v.1.0

Help Angel figure out what is real and what is in her head as she attempts to escape from a Mental Hospital! Steeped in psychological horror, Twisted Lands: Insomniac follows the wife of the central character in the original game, as she attempts to escape ...

7 Lands  v.1.04

Help them to escape and the treasure will be yours in 7 Lands! Travel through 60 bright levels as you place shapes to free the loyal subjects of the seven magical kingdoms. Immerse yourself in the thrilling storyline and fantastical love story that will ...

War in the Sword Lands  v.8.0.7

War in the Sword Lands (WiSL) is part II of the popular Sword Lands Trilogy of official scenarios for Realmz, authored by Pierre H. Vachon (Psion's Sanctum Sanctorum - Fantasoft Games.

Border It  v.1.0.3

Border It is graphic design package for designing borders and recreating them in new sizes. Its efficient interface is composed of two integrated graphic tools, Designer and Generator. Designer is implemented for designing borders using Forms and Objects.

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