Boot Logo Change Bios


AwardMod  v.1.0

AwardMod is a freeware Flash tool that can be used to change the boot logo at BIOS start. Want to modify your Award(tm) bios or the files it contains?AwardMod is the ONLY publicly available program that lets you add or remove modules from the New Medallion ...

Bios Logo Changer  v.1.2.1

Bios Logo Changer can change EPA Energy Star logo which is shown in upper right corner when you boot your computer. There are 200 ready to use logos or you can make your own new logo. You don't have to know anything about bios to use this program. Let's ...


NTFS Hard Disk Recovery Software  v.

NTFS data retrieval software is an ultimate data recovery tool that regains data lost due to human faults, virus or worm infection, disk formats, corrupted MBR and MFT files or boot disk failure, BIOS error, partitioning error, power failure or system ...

Face Wizard B  v.12.0815.02

Face-WizardOao is a windows based utility with user-friendly interface that allows users to change the boot-up logo with picture from GIGABYTE Logo Gallery on web site or other compatible picture you have. Face-WizardOao allows user to select BIOS on ...

Radmin Viewer  v.3.5

Using Radmin Viewer you can perform a remote turn on, network boot, have complete BIOS remote control and cold restart the remote computer with Intel AMT (Active Management Technology).

Intel AMT is a remote control technology, which is integrated ...

BootSkin Pro  v.1. 2. 1943

BootSkin Pro is an amazing application for your Windows Vista with the capabilities to safely change its boot screen.
This pro tool is enhanced with the capability to safely make the boot screen more attractive. The tool is a unique combination of ...

Compaq Client Manager  v.1. 3. 1934

Main features:

- Hardware inventory for asset management
- PC health monitoring and hardware alarm notification
- Diagnostics for remote troubleshooting
- Change BIOS/security settings from the Management Console

CCK Wizard  v.1.3.4

It allows the following customizations: Add identifier to the user agent string, change the default home page and startup override home page; Change the title bar text, change the animated logo, change the Web page and tooltip used for the animated logo, ...

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool  v.

Once downloaded, the tool will compile the files to boot from the BIOS if configured as a USB / DVD.
1. Click "Start" Windows 7 USB / DVD Download tool
2. Paragraph Source File, places the path and name of the ISO image of Windows 7 via the Browse ...

Phenom II Tweaker  v.1.1

Reset TSC The reported TSC in case of AMD Phenoms is always the Performance state 0 detected at boot time. This can be a potential problem for old programs(eg. NFS 2000) and performance testing tools (eg. latency.exe), since modifying the core clock to ...

PsycPro  v.

Add your logo, change colors then save and export the chart so others can use it. PsycPro offers more features than any other psychrometric chart product.

Repair Hard Disk  v.

Advanced data recovery software is entirely made for those professional users who has lost their important files due to so many accidental reasons including intentional deletion using shift + Del, permanent removal even from recycle bin, power sabotage, system crash, formatting, re-formatting, partition error, human error, device mishandling, improper system shutdown, Boot sector failure, BIOS ...

WebcamXP PRO  v.

logo change / disable
2. supports all USB / PCI devices and most IP based sources
3. advanced overlay editor supporting text / images and alpha-blending effects
4. integrated chat system
5. create and manage your galleries
6. multiple ...

NetOp Remote Control  v.10.50 Build 2011248

With Intel vPro support, you can power a computer on/off, change BIOS settings or install an operating system ? all remotely.
- Complete remote control of computers via network, Internet and PPs
- Remote management with full access to system ...

Classic Platinum  v.2.0

It includes all 20 color variants, guikit file, icons, and boot logo.

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