Bluetooth Mobile Remote


VLC Mobile Remote  v.

VLC Mobile Remote turns your Windows Phone device into a remote control for your desktop's VLC media player. VLC Mobile Remote let's you sit back,relax and control things form couch. Its realy fun to use, no more reaching to mouse/keyboard to control ...

Mobiwee: Mobile Remote Access Gadget  v.

com mobile device configuration, personalization, and security services has now released their new gadget for Windows Vista (currently in beta testing).
This sleek, lightweight gadget will sit quietly in the Windows Sidebar, notifying you of all ...


Bluetooth Remote Control

Bluetooth/Phone Remote Control turns your Bluetooth or WiFi enabled mobile phone into a remote control for
Windows. See your PowerPoint slides directly in the phone, browse/play the songs in ITunes, WinAMP and Media
player and much more.. Bluetooth ...

Jon’s Phone Tool  v.2.0.1

About Jon s Phone ToolUses a Bluetooth mobile phone, your Mac's modem, or speakers to dial the phone. JPT can also make calls via Vonage, Ovolab Phlink, or Parliant's PhoneValet. You can enter a number manually or you can use the integrated search tools ...

Blue Lock PC

Blue Lock PC automatically locks data using Bluetooth mobile phone as a key. When you leave the range of the signal (typically 10 m distance) it locks your PC. When you return your data is unlocked. No need to type passwords anymore.


All what you need- pc, people with bluetooth mobile and this soft. Software has a comprehensive range of question types. You oneself create question. Intuitive enough to deploy your first survey project in a matter of hour.

Blue Lock  v.1 91

Bluelock is an open source application that locks your Windows PC if a particular Bluetooth device is not detected. For example, if you register your Bluetooth mobile phone with the program but then move away from your desk, the program will detect your ...

NMedium  v.

Control your home media, from your Windows Phone! nMedium: Mobile remote control for the J River Media Center Media server.

* Server playback control
* Current playlist
* Volume control
* Rate your tracks as they play
* ...

Pin It  v.

Are you tired looking for settings when you want to switch WiFi, bluetooth, mobile network or airplane mode? Now you can pin those settings into your start screen.

Mobile Witch Remote Control  v.4.2.0

Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control can be used to control your computer directly from your cellphone. The main purpose of the software is to turn your mobile phone into a universal PC remote control. The application is perfect for business as well as ...

Time Manager Mobile Enterprise  v.3.0

Remote database connectivity combined with the customizability features of the Enterprise version provides customers with the capability to tailor TM Mobile to their specific data access needs. Having enterprise data at your fingertips in the field is ...

K700 Remote Profiler  v.1.1.11

Unfortunately the SE developers did not think of a program, in order to work on these remote maintenance profiles (* hid Files). The only possibility of providing such profiles was to root itself by sidelong code tables.


BlueLink is an easy-to-use program that allows you to send (and receive depending on your mobile terminal) SMS messages over a Bluetooth connection between your PC and your mobile phone. Indicates the battery level and warns when should it be charged.

Phone Wallpaper X  v.1.3.3

Phone Wallpaper X is for creating, editing, organizing and uploading wallpapers to cell phones or other mobile devices through Bluetooth or USB. The application includes an easy graphics editor for cropping and resizing pictures and gallery with users ...

Phone Wallpaper X Lite  v.1.2.1

Phone Wallpaper X Lite is for editing, organizing and uploading wallpapers to mobile phones and PDAs through Bluetooth or USB. The program also allows you to crop images in accordance with the defined exact position and size, flip, rotate and enhance ...

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