Block List Cleaner


List Cleaner Intravenous  v.3 1

List Cleaner IV is an Email Address List Cleaner that sorts, filters & removes duplicates from your bulk email lists.

List Cleaner Intravenous v3.01 is the ultimate in Data Cleaning and preparing your email lists before sending out your advertisements ...

Mega List Cleaner  v.1.0

Mega List Cleaner is the ultimate list cleaner, duplicate remover, list sorter, unsubscription cleaner, email validator, name capitalizer etc for your mailing list. Features: merge multiple lists into one list, clean duplicate data from your mailing list, ...


Advanced Email Verifier  v.8.3.1

List hygiene plays a role in the delivery race. It is important to maintain a clean mailing list and remove bounced, undeliverable emails because a lot of ISP mail servers have been known to block a sender's email domain for repeated sending messages ...


CallZap uses your computer modem and caller-ID service to monitor and block unwanted calls automatically. CallZap allows you to add any name or phone number to the block list. When a call comes in, CallZap searches your block list for the callers name ...

Send Mail Expert  v.1. 2. 2000

All such randomization will guarantee that your email will bypass all the filters (Junk Mail Filter, Block List...) and delivered safely to your customers. Send Mail Expert offers you a professional high speed send email direct sender software.

It ...

SprintWork Social Media Blocker 64-bit  v.1.6.2

SprintWork is a foolproof social networks and website blocker that lets you block all online distractions and timewasters to allow you to focus on what is really important in your life. All while presenting you with detailed usage reports of programs, ...

SprintWork Social Media Blocker  v.1.6.2

SprintWork is a foolproof social networks and website blocker that lets you block all online distractions and timewasters to allow you to focus on what is really important in your life. All while presenting you with detailed usage reports of programs, ...

EMASender  v.1.3.51

Incorporates a feature allowing customers to automatically unsubscribe from a list of recipients. Powerful SQL database giving you the ability to manage your email marketing campaigns on a computer network. Available in three versions to suit your particular ...

Any Weblock  v.1 1

All blocked websites will appear on the block list, where you can add as many URLs as you need. If you try to open any of the blocked websites, you will see a fake error page.

Once the program is running and you make some changes, you may ...

BigSender  v.3 98

More features and functions than any other system available, including self-installation, one-click Instant Updater, free BigSender Snapshot plug-in, one-click Automated Bounce Manager, one-click message archive publishing (with dynamic indexing), BigSender Hybrid messages with inline graphics, one-click HTML-to-plain-text converter (and vice-versa), message previewing, Opt-in Activator (double opt-in), automatic welcome email to new subscribers, single-click opt-out, free BigSender Language File plug-ins for switching interface languages, built-in List Cleaner for ensuring ...

Never Published Collection  v.1.0

In this collection: Auto CMD - to creat auto execute command when launching CMD (command window) Clipboard Text Content - a simple tray application, a clipboard text viewer and clipboard cleaner Don't Run This - easy way to creat your own application ...

Spam Bully 2.0 for Outlook 2000/2002/2003  v.

Other tough spam fighting features include: Friends/Spammers lists that let you make sure you get important emails from friends and family and block out unwanted sales pitches, email blocking by country and language, an Allow/Block list that lets you ...

SpamBully  v.

Allow or block email addresses, IP's, words/phrases you choose. Block spam by country and language. Bounce spam back to spammers. Report spammers to their hosts and the FTC. Auto delete spam. Detect fraudulent phishing links. Forward only good emails ...

SenderMatic  v.1.3.60

Moreover, you are one hundred percent sure that your valuable list of customers will remain yours.


* Email templates.
* Automatic subscription/cancellation of a subscription from your list of recipients.
* Address ...

PostMaster Enterprise - The Corporate Mail Server


1) Administration benefits: Browser-based Interface, Platform Independence, SMTP Gateway, PM to PM Delivery Notification, Log Rollover

2) Domain Integrity: Multiple Domain Support, Domain Level Signatures, Domain-based License

3) Assured Mail DeliveryIncoming: Multiple POP Accounts, Configurable TimeOuts

4) Assured Mail Delivery - Outgoing: Authenticated SMTP Support, Secondary SMTP Host, Direct Delivery

5) Assured Mail Delivery - Internal: Instant Local Mail

6) Bandwidth Management: Individual POP3 Size Filter, Time Restrictions For Size Filter, Download Small Mails First, Mail Transfer Scheduler

7) Data Management: Archiving, Data Back-ups

8) Account Managment: User Priority, Mailbox quota, Mail Size Restriction, Mail Access Rights, User permissions, Alias Accounts

9) Security & Confidentiality: Recipient Block List, Access Control ...

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