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Microsoft Bing Maps 3D  v.4.0.1003

Add realistic 3D capabilities to your online Bing Maps. Bing Maps 3D brings you another step closer to knowing "what it is like out there". You can search, browse, and organize local information viewed in three dimensions, just the way it exists in the ...

Bing Maps  v.4.0.903

Bing Maps is Microsoft flagship earth viewer product, designed to compete with the more popular Google Earth. Previously named Live Search maps, Bing maps is browser based, allowing users to watch the maps on Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. For ...


Bingle Maps  v.

Bingle Maps is a full featured map application that searches, finds directions, drops pins and synchronizes with DropBox. It integrates with both Google Maps and Bing Maps.

NOTE, before updating from versions before 1.8:
Since version 1.8, ...

Zoom maps  v.

This is an extra odinary app which collaborates bing maps with gmaps or google maps with heavy zooming experience...just browse on bing with the experience of google maps.

You can zoom to very minute scaling with this application.

This ...

More Maps  v.

More Maps is a simple mapping application that allows you to choose from a variety of digital maps, provided by Microsoft Bing Maps or several OpenStreetMap (OSM) renderers:

- Bing Road Map
- Bing Aerial Images
- Bing Hybrid (Aerial Images ...

Offline Map Maker  v.7.5

Offline Map Maker is a tool that help you to get offline tile images from Google Maps, Yahoo maps, Bing maps, Ovi maps and openstreetmap. All downloaded offline images are saved on your disk. You can view downloaded offline map by Offline Map Viewer.

ArcBruTile  v.0.1.6

ArcBruTile display tiles from OpenStreetMap, ESRI, Bing Maps and Geodan GeoServer in ArcGIS Desktop using the BruTile library.ArcBruTile supports:
- all projections;
- client side caching.Why ArcBruTile is developed:
Because ArcGIS, one of ...

Coaster Crazy  v.

You can also search using the built in Bing maps integration. Is your favorite coaster not in our database? Don't worry, you can also add coasters manually! Coaster Crazy beautifully displays your track record and ride statistics. Choose from a collection ...

Adele lyrics  v.

You can see a list of her tours (so far) inside the app and even see where abouts they are on bing maps.

Buy music with one click of a button that will take you to the Marketplace music store.

Bucket List  v.

An advanced to-do list that allows you to do all of the following:
1) Create events and to-do items (and tag them with locations)
2) Call tagged businesses and get directed (via Bing Maps) to tagged locations
3) Voice search for local businesses
4) ...

GPS  v.

GPS is a bing map tool using your device GPS and parsing against bing maps. The app includes basic tools including zoom and touch api's are enabled. This app is part of the parchment tools collection seen in the app Tools for Phone 7.

Trafik Finder  v.

Diese App zeigt alle österreichischen Kioske (Trafiken) in der näheren Umgebung der aktuellen GPS Position auf der Bing Maps Karte an.

Ich bitte um konstruktive Kommentare und erweiternde Wünsche, die ich versuche bestmöglich in der nächsten ...

Car Locator  v.

Animated Radar and Bing Maps view
View your direction(works only on the go)
Radar Rotation(works only on the go)
Description and photo if your parking place
Location History

WP7 Doesn't support compass ...

GPS to SMS Free  v.

The message contains the GPS position data and a link to Bing Maps.
It also works (limited) without internet connection, so its a great tool for trips to foreign countries where the roaming costs are often very high, to tell your friends where you ...

LatitudeGap  v.

Displays your current location on Bing Maps and reports it to Google Latitude for your friends to view. Google Latitude provides useful service to store your location history and this application is useful to those users.

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