Big Wall Paper Aquarium


Replacement of Wall-paper  v.3.0

Replacement of Wall-paper (ROW)- one of the best wallpaper manager for Windows. ROW is intended for management of desktop wallpapers. Its basic difference from other programs of the same type that it understands the standard formats of graphic files: ...

Wall-paper templates for PageFlipPDF  v.1.0

Wall-paper templates for PageFlipPDF programs for free download here! It's 3 in 1 theme packed together. You can get the original pictures from the package as well. With these templates, you can use it in your page flip book. Make you PDF to flip book ...


Wall Clock-7  v.1.0

"Wall Clock-7" is freeware screen saver that displays the current time. Settings: wall paper, up and down text for dial.

MeyshanWall  v.1 1

Meyshan Wall is a wall paper changer, using Micro soft .Net framework.
Meyshan wall would fetch public and private photos from Picasa, Flicker, Riya, and 23 Hq and from your local directory to display as wallpaper as per your settings.
It's ...

Kana WallChanger  v.

Kana WallChanger is an absolutely free tool to change your computer wall paper from time to time automatically. Kana WallChanger supports various image file types like PNG, BMP and of course JPG files. With Kana WallChanger one can resize the image to ...

Child Clock-7  v.1.0

Settings: base color, wall paper, image and text for dial.

Photo Clock-7  v.1.0

You can make unique screen saver using for background any image: photo, wall paper, logotype etc (hint: make little surprise for your friend). Settings: colors of background and ink, show image: on/off, show seconds: off/noramal/full back mode, choose ...

KRAXON Desktop Changer  v.

KRAXON Desktop Changer is a easy-to-use utility that changes the wall paper every time Windows starts. The configuration interface is a very simple dialogue that lets users browse for the images they want displayed, KDC will support a list of 255 images.

Ezypage  v.16.04

Choose from over 1,700 different background wall paper
17. Create any number of Dropdown Combo Boxes with links
18. Create any number of scrolling marquees with inserted HTML code
19. Insert a sizable scrolling text table
20. Design complex ...

XMIND 2008 Pro  v.2.1

- New Feature: Maps can be added wall paper.- New Feature: Floating topics left/right/center/top/bottom alignment.- New Feature: Users can save the drilldown result as a new map.- New Feature: Topics can be overlapped.- New Feature: Traditional Chinese ...

Adolix Wallpaper Changer

Adolix Wallpaper Changer is a free wallpaper changer and randomizer that will allow you to change background on your desktop. You can make a play list with your favorite pictures and play it all day long. Various file formats are supported and many, many ...

Flash2X Wallpaper Maker

Flash2X Wallpaper Maker allows users to create Flash wallpapers as self-installation files. Users can distribute Flash wallpapers and install them to PCs by running a simple installation file. It is a powerful marketing tool for web designers or marketer.

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WallMaster Pro  v.

WallMaster Pro is an easy-to-use and powerful wallpaper management utility for Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP. You can now use any of your favorite images as your desktop wallpaper easily and customize the appearance of your desktop wallpaper with just ...

Dreamer  v.1.0

Inspired by techo-orient wallpaper designs.

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