Big Font Calculator


Big Number Calculator  v.1

Add, Multiply, Subtract, and Divide large numbers! Have you ever wanted to do simple math with really big numbers? Now is your chance! Big Number Calculator will allow you to do math with really big numbers! But would if you wanted to do it using binary ...

Hpmbcalc Hex Calculator

This is a programmable multiple-precision hex calculator with many utilities for you to perform a lot of big number math operations. Key Features:
1. Standard hex calculator: basic math operations; Hex/Dec/Oct/Bin conversion; byte/operand swap; square ...


Karen's Font Explorer  v.2 7

More often than not, all users want to be able to design their font reports, and some of them wish to continue with the old tradition of one font per page, each having information and sample text, while the rest may like to condense the report into as ...

Hpmbcalc  v.4 22

Hpmbcalc Hex Calculator. This programmable hex calculator has several utilities that make it easy to perform such big-number math and encryption operations as Hex/Dec/Oct/Bin conversions, Jacobi symbol inversion calculations, statistical data testing, ...

Large Contacts  v.

No more having to use your reading glasses just to send a text message, or call a friend!

Large Contacts displays your contact list in a much larger font, making it much easier to read, and increases accessibility. Not only does it show you your ...

ZX-Blockeditor  v.2.0

- CHX big font files (*.chx)
- ZX-Metafiles (*.zxb)
- Warajevo tape files (*.tap, *.tapw)
- BASin data files (*.bsd)
- Snapshot files (*.z80, *szx, *slt, *.ach, *.sit, *.snp, *.prg, *.zx, *.sp, *.sem, *.raw, *.snx)
- ...

BandBro  v.4.0.4

The drummer may like a list with one set per page in big font while the lead singer may prefer a list with all the sets on one page. There is also an option to print the remainder of the song inventory in the footer of the set list.
8. Populating ...

Holy Services  v.

Holy service clients are sometimes visually challenged - big font of screen displaying holy service detail helps them to cooperate with you
4. Services can be quickly filtered by priest or church to get an overview about load of particular priest/church ...

Baseball Scores  v.

We thought a big font and easy load was the best way, and we hope you agree.

This is one of those glance and go type of applications. You launch, get the MLB scores, and probably get out. If you do want details of a game tap the game score and ...

Big Calculator  v.1.0.1

Big Calculator is a large calculator for Windows.
You can either click on the buttons with the mouse or use the numeric keypad to perform calculations. The size of the calculator buttons is determined by the width of the calculator window.
Big ...

Font Encoder and Check Digit Calculator  v.6.2

This program is a barcode generator to calculate check characters for the barcode fonts available at You may also use this software to calculate check characters for other implementations.
Generated barcode fonts can be printed.

Tone Stack Calculator  v.

To check out the response curves (and the design) of tone stacks used in guitar amplifiers like Fender, Vox, Marshall and Big Muff types, Tone Stack Calculator may be just the tool you need. When launched, the program displays an easy-to-navigate interface ...

Scientific Calculator Decimal

A handy tool if you need to perform complex mathematical calculations Scientific Calculator Decimal is programmed in C#. All calculations are done in decimal data type. Each calculator has its own advantages. Data type double can operate numbers with ...

Household Calculator

Household Calculator is a general purpose ergonomic calculator which combines use simplicity and calculation power. Household Calculator handles main arithmetic operations with two operands, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and complex ...

Moffsoft Calculator  v.

Moffsoft Calculator is a powerful calculator with an easy-to-use interface and a great amount of options that will help any user to achieve their objectives.
Some of the features included in this package are:
Multiple memory: you can save up ...

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