Big Ben Chimes


Aquarius Soft PC Big Ben Chimes  v.1 1

Want to have the soothing sounds of the London Big Ben Chimes in your house?What to have a clock that tells you the time and helps you keep track of your time without having you looking at it?Want to have an chiming grandfather clock that actually saves ...

Amazing Big Ben Screensaver

Big Ben is not the name of the famous London Clock as many believe, it is, in fact the name of the 13-ton bell which can be found inside the clock. This bell came originally from the old Palace of Westminster. The bell was named after the first commissioner ...


Big Ben Tea Timer  v.2.2.2000

Tea Timer is back as Big Ben Tea Timer! Waiting for your tea to brew was never so much fun. A stylish countdown program which alerts you (not only) when tea is ready.- Easy, intuitive, stylish- Countdown in dock and/or floating mini-window ...

Big Ben Mahjong Mac  v.1.0

Try new free mahjong game from We are sure the game will be interesting both for the mahjong experts and for the novices who just discover the games of this genre. Try to resolve all twenty puzzles in quiet and relaxing atmosphere ...

Around the World: London

Go for a walk along the River Thames and enjoy the stunning views of the legendary Big Ben and the magnificient Palace of Westminster with a glimpse of the ancient Westminster Abbey. When day turns to night, you will be fascinated by the grand gothic ...

Computer Alarm Clock  v.2.13

With this Computer Alarm Clock software, you can give yourself reminders of important events that happen throughout the day, or wake up/fall asleep by listening your favorite music. It is an alarm clock that is built into your personal PC and is completely ...

WorldClock  v.5.46 Build

WorldClock Feature List
WorldClock: The name says it all -- find the local time anywhere in the world
Automatically determines whether Daylight Savings Time is in effect for the selected area
TimeSync: Check and adjust your computer's clock against an Internet Time Server [1]
TimeSync feature supports Socks 4, 4A and 5 proxies including Socks 5 Authentication
Users can choose from a list of Internet Time Servers, or specify their own
AutoTimeSync: Schedule TimeSyncs at selected hourly intervals (1-24) or every day at a specified time[1]
AutoTimeSync can be run as a Windows Service; continues to operate even if WorldClock is not running
You can specify a maximum value for the time adjustment
Option to configure the Taskbar Clock to display the current date/time/weather in many various formats[3]
Option to view local or selected time zone's date/time in caption (title) bar of currently active window [3]
Alarms: Support for up to eight individually configurable alarms
Activate alarms for today only, all days, or specified days of the week
Alarms can be configured to run programs when triggered
Day/Night View: Display a world map with the night areas in shadow
Local sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and moon phase information
Multiple Clock View: View up to sixteen clocks each set to a different time zone
Multiple Clock display has an analog and/or digital view
Calendar View: Full-featured calendar display
Calendar allows you to "mark" important dates with associated reminders
Calendar has standard Canadian/US/UK/Australian/New Zealand public holidays pre-programmed
Perform time calculations: Determine the time in selected areas if local time were a given time
The Day/Night, Multiple Clock, and Calendar Views can be opened stand-alone
Support for multi-monitor systems with the MultiMonitor Desktop Manager
Built-in fully customizable Windows Wallpaper Manager
Generate a World Map with day/night areas as your currently selected Windows wallpaper
Draw a Weather/Calendar/Clock/Notes Sidebar Panel onto your selected Windows wallpaper
Draw a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 month Calendar over your selected Windows wallpaper
Draw a Clock over your selected Windows wallpaper
Translucent windows option on Windows 2000, 2003, XP, and Vista systems
Main windows can be "magnetized" to each other or to the sides of your screen
Option to display time in either 12 or 24 hour format
Option to display time with or without seconds
Options to "Big-Ben" the hour, toll ...

Easy English  v.

Utile et facile, Easy English est parfait pour se mettre à l’heure de Big Ben." Assistante plus, 2012


Très complète, elle réunit 4 applications en 1 :

- un dictionnaire ...

BabelBloX  v.1.9.3

Big Ben:Based on Classic BabelBloX, this game adds the challenge of a raceagainst the clock for each level.Bubbles:BloX are morphed into clear Delay BloX when you destroy a cluster. Thedelay BloX survive until you destroy another cluster, and then they"pop" ...

Big Cats Screensaver  v.1

Our Big Cats screensaver features a large selection of Big Cat imagery and brings them stylishly to your computer screen. Full screen high quality pictures are seamlessly and beautifully blended together to create a visually stunning slideshow screensaver ...

Big City Adventure: New York City  v.32.0

Big City Adventure: New York City is a hidden object game in which you travel around New York. Every new location you visit represents a scene where you must search for the items that appear in a list. The faster you find them, the more points you get.

Big City Adventure - Sydney, Australia  v.32.0

Big City Adventure: Sydney Australia is an incredible hidden object game in which you will discover amazing places looking for items. In the process, you will also learn interesting historical facts and also collect great mementos from completed levels ...

Big Kahuna Words  v.

Big Kahuna Words is a great game of word puzzle, this game will entertain you with a fish word of discover and nature abilities. This game will challenge your words knowledge and will entertain you discovering different fishes and new levels with bigger ...

Big Head Zed  v.1 7

Zed's got a big mess to clean up, thanks to his second cousin Zorp, and he needs your help. It goes like this: Magnetos are large, heavy spheres that power and control spaceships, and they're normally suspended above all decks. But Zorp pulled ...

Big Brother  v.1 8

Big Brother is the simplest tool for monitoring your IP-network for troubles. It gives you a comprehensive picture of what happened to any point on the Net that you put in. Just add the host of interest by specifying it's IP address or hostname and optional ...

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