Bhc Blue Dragon Puzzle


Blue Bottle Puzzle Game  v.1.1.2

B1ue Bottle Puzzle Game is a fun picture puzzle game with three levels of difficulty you can choose from. In this b1ue bottle puzzle game, you must swap and arrange the square tiles to complete the scene. Decode the instructions to fill in squares and ...

I-Mones Dragon  v.1.0

What do you get when you cross the DNA of mythical monsters and arcade heroes? I-Mones! I-Dragon is sizzling hot and master of the maze! I-Dragon needs to get through 40 different mazes and puzzles while beating the clock. Bonuses like watches and coins ...


Blue Block Free  v.1.0

??? The iOS Best Seller is Now Available on Mac ???Welcome to the World of Blue Block.In an ancient time, the world was ruled by lights and shadows.The Blue Dragon was the last of its kind when the Dark Knight made him prison ...

Jaspers Journeys  v.2.1

* Cursors: Run left and right
* Z or CTRL: Jump
* X or ALT: Throw
- To complete each level, run into the blue dragon.
- Collect shields to protect yourself against monsters.
- Collect fruit for energy to attack ...

Alaska Blue Mountain Jigsaw Puzzle  v.1.0

If you love mountain landscape scenes, you'll love Alaska Blue Mountain Beauty Jigsaw Puzzle. It's lots of fun for the family and friends.

The free version has a limited number of pieces (20) and only 3 pictures in it. The full version ...

FPS Blue Electric Guitar Puzzle  v.1

If you love guitars, see if you can solve this free challenging puzzle!

Dragon Scales  v.2.0

Dragon Scales is an easy-to-play, hard-to-master puzzle challenge with great graphics. The screenshot below is a typical position (you can play in windowed mode or full-screen).
The object is to remove all the scales in groups. Only scales that are ...

Blue Reef Sudoku

Excellent graphics, easy gameplay makes this puzzle one of the most addictive games ever made! With three game modes and three skill levels, this game will never let you get bored. Enjoy this great remake of Sudoku game! You're welcome to Blue Reef!

Mark and Cindy & the fire dragon

An ebook fairy tale, plus puzzle game !! The dragon kidnapped Cindy! Mark starts a journey to resque her. Can Mark defeat the fire dragon? A story for kids 3-12 years old. Also a puzzle game with Features of the ebook: amazing 3d textures, voice narrated.

Pharaoh Puzzle  v.

Pharaoh Puzzle a game where you need to match groups of gems to clear them up.

You must discover treasures and artifacts as you match together relics from Ancient Egypt.

Blue cells will disappear when you make a match over ...

Liong - The Dragon Dance Deluxe  v.

Liong - The Dragon Dance Deluxe

Travel the Emperor's realm to stop the dragons from escaping through the gate in two great game modes: Puzzle and Mahjong. Return the stolen magical Liong dragons in this brain-bending blend of matching madness.

Sudoku Dragon  v.

Sudoku Dragon is a Sudoku puzzle solver that has many useful features to help puzzle solvers of all levels of experience. It gives a wide range of types of hints and suggestions on how to solve the puzzle. Ranging from checking allocation to revealing ...

Fractal Dragon Screensaver  v.3.0

This unique smooth animated fractal dragon will surely impress your imagination. Deep into unlimited self-similarity world of great sets. Blue figure is changing while dragon is running around some points in the complex plain. If it is hard for you to ...

Dragon Empire  v.1.0

You had a dream: an eternal empire, protected by the Celestial Dragon, ruled by a wise emperor, where everybody is happy, people are enlightened and kind to each other. Driven from your homeland by a mighty enemy, traveling the wilderness with a bunch ...

Dragon Spheres  v.1.0

Dragon Spheres is an Arkanoid-like game with dragons. In this game, you will have to clear colored circles by hitting them with a ball that bounces off the bat. which you control by moving your mouse. As you do this, several dragons will launch fireballs ...

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