Best Pivot Point Calculation


Free Pivot Point Calculator  v.1.0

This Pivot Point Calculator will calculate your pivot points quickly and simply for free.

Stock Pivot Point Calculator 3.0.2RC  v.1.0

Stock Pivot Point Calculator is an intuitive software that can help you boost your trading profits. Calculate multiple stocks all at once, no need to look up prices, StockPivotPoint Calculator will get yesterdays prices for you. Use pivot points to increase ...


Forex Pivot Points

Forex pivot point is a level in which the sentiment of traders and investors changes from bull to bear or vice versa. They work simply because many individual forex traders and investors use and trust them, as well as bank and institutional traders. Forex ...

IP Workshop Professional  v.

IP Workshop Professional is the best-in-class calculation tool for any kind of IP address operations.
It simplifies remarkable IP network calculation, subnetting, design of IP address spaces, development of IP address schemes, router configuration, ...

Falling Rod Model  v.1.0

Falling Rod model displays the dynamics of a falling rod which rotates about a pivot point as compared to a falling ball. The simulation allows computing fall times and trajectories. The initial angle that the rod falls from and the initial height at ...

Pivot_point_calc  v.

This Pivot Point Calculator will generate pivot points in four different systems for you in seconds! Just fill the form with the previous period's data and press the "Calculate" button.

We have presented four diffent systems such as described ...

MITCalc - Profiles Calculation  v.1.18

The calculation solves area characteristics of profiles created in a simple graphic editor and mass characteristics of

solids created by extrusion or rotation of the profile. Application is developed in MS Excel, is multi-language,

supports ...

GS-Base  v.14.8.5

You can also quickly and easily analyze very large
data sets using fast pivot tables with up to 256 million records and over 2,000 columns.
GS-Base enables you to perform complex record filtering, searching for duplicates, full-text
searches ...

Stock Aides  v.1.5

The analysis feature consists of three different parts - General and statistic analyzer, Volume (support resistance) analyzer, and Pivot point (support resistance) analyzer. The information retrieval tool displays company profile, earning and revenue ...

Two Falling Rods Model  v.1.0

In one case the end point on the table slides without friction, while in the other case it rotates about a pivot point. The simulation allows computing fall times and trajectories. The initial angle that the rods are released can be changed via a ...

GreatCirc  v.2.1

Great Circle Distance calculation: find the shortest distance and direction between two points.
2. Great Circle End Point calculation: find the end point of a outstanding circle path, given start, distance and direction.
3. Rhumb Line Calculation: ...

Mortgage Payment Calculator "Mo Calc"  v.

Compute your monthly payments with ease! Compare multiple mortgages to see if you are getting the best deal. Visualize your payments and mortgage costs with graphs and charts. See your mortgage amortization. Send your comparisons and mortgages via rich ...

PalmaryCalc  v.1.0.1

Features - User-friendly interface - Treo 600/650 support - Hi Res (320x320) support - 15-digit display - 35 basic math and trigonometric functions - Mortgage rate calculations - Tip calculations - Unit and currency converter - User adjustable currency list - User adjustable constants list - 3 different input methods (simple, algebraic, RPN) - 4 different modes display modes - RPN stack viewing - Accurate calculation: features up ...

AdmaDIC Calculator  v.1.2.2000

The admaDIC calculator has a skinnable user interface and you can choose the one which best matches you needs. Features: * Platform independent (runs on Java) * Editable Tape (protocol window) with comments and sub expressions * Percent calculations ...

PowerWorship  v.

PowerWorshipTM enables you to create and maintain a library of worship songs and can be used to build slide shows for Microsoft® PowerPoint®.

Main features:
- Visual template selection in program settings
- Improved support for ...

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