Best Antivirus 2012


Best Beach 2012 Greece  v.

This is a BEST 10 series application.
This app presents the top 10 beaches in Greece for 2012, for travelers.
Includes map.

Best Antivirus Software  v.a13.7

If your system is constantly showing symptoms of slowing down the speed of processing, detection of deleted files/folders, abnormal processing with normal commands, regular hagging of the OS or sometimes disrupted disk file structure, then come out of ...


Digital Patrol  v.5.5.50

If you are looking for a fast and reliable antivirus solution, Digital Patrol provides everything that you need. After trying the program out, you will likely find that it is the best antivirus program for your choice, particularly if you don't want to ...

ZenOK Free Antivirus Professional (BETA)  v.2012

ZENOK FREE ANTIVIRUS 2012 (Just released) is a full-featured Professional data protection suite that comes really complete. With ZenOK your PC does not get any viruses. The multi-layered protection block viruses, spyware, Facebook trojans, Online Banking ...

Norton Antivirus Plus  v.2012

Norton AntiVirus 2012 provides our most powerful virus, and spyware protection so you can do more without disruption. The latest upgrade of Norton AntiVirus offers:
*Ranked #1 in performance
*Industry-leading protection
*Easier to use ...

ZenOK Free Antivirus  v.2.0

ZENOK FREE ANTIVIRUS 2012 is a professional data protection suite. This efficient tool is five years ahead of any other security suite. Without slowing down your PC, ZenOK finds many malwares that others leave behind. Block viruses, spyware, trojans, ...

Optimo - System Security Suite  v.1.1

Optimo Anti virus is among the best antivirus programs providing complete solution for protecting the system from outside virus attacks. As a complete package solution for virus removal Optimo is the most trusted antivirus which you can rely upon. The ...

Symantec Norton 360  v.4.0.010

When you buy a new PC, it is recommended that we should always go for the best antivirus protection system which safeguards our computer against threats such as viruses, trojans, worms etc. There are numerous antivirus or security suite which are available ...

BitDefender Antivirus  v.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 provides silent security against viruses, spyware and phishing attempts. It also includes innovative social networking safeguards.
BitDefender scanning engines will scan and disinfect infected files on access, minimizing ...

Optimo Defender AntiVirus  v.1.1

Optimo Defenderprovides you the elite antivirus protection as well as security actions that help you to keep your personal information secure either online or offline.

Optimo Defender acts as your PC’s cleaner and optimizer.

BitDefender Antivirus 2009  v.12.0.146

BitDefender Antivirus offers and gives advanced protection against viruses, malware, phishing attacks and theft, without slowing down your PC. Performs home network security management from a single location and BitDefender software can be remotely configured ...

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus  v.17.13.0

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is the acknowledged Antivirus of the Year. With a non-intrusive and extremely fast scanning technology, it offers essential silent security against e-threats.
Best antivirus and antispyware defense.
Extremely ...

Solo Antivirus  v.11.0

Solo Antivirus product is the most effective and fastest antivirus software available in the market today. Solo Antivirus software is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows 95 platforms. Solo Antivirus ...

ArcaVir Antivirus Protection  v.10.08.3201.9

ArcaVir Antivirus Protection protects against theft of confidential data, and ensures safe online banking use. With the new antivirus engine, the software work does not slow down the system. Scanning mechanisms are characterized by high efficiency and ...

Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus  v.8.0.R19

Protector Plus 2013 is the prefered antivirus software solution for both large-scale users and the home users. Download Protector Plus 2013 evaluation copy and try free of cost.

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