Bench Press Workout


Max Bench Press Calculator  v.

Max Bench Press Calculator is a simple program that can calculate your max through a carefully thought out algorithm.

Just enter the weight lifted and the reps performed to find out your max!

Note: Max Bench Press Calculator works for ...

Wendler 5 3 1  v.

When starting the app you will calculate a One Rep Max for each movement -- Squat, Deadlift, Press, Bench Press, etc...

Then you can go to each movement and the app will show you how much weight to lift that day for the 4 week cycle.


Workout Buddy  v.

Workout Buddy helps you to stay on track by audibly prompting with speech and tones, ensuring that your workout is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. While training this way you'll receive aerobic and resistance benefits simultaneously, ...

Gym Shuffle  v.

You don't want to be that guy who always hits the bench press and looks ridiculous.

Press Release Template

Helps you write a compelling and effective press release. Microsoft Word format - simply click and type to create a standard-format press release.

Press Release Script

Press Release Script - Create Own Press Release Submission Web Site. Make Money with Google Adsense, Affiliates and Advertisement. Easily Handles Thousands of Press Releases. 12 Professionally Designed Themes. Change the look of web site with one click.

Complete Brain Workout  v.1.0.0343

Complete Brain Workout is a 46 game collection of all of the Brain Workout Games from 1, 2 and 3. It has 40 mentally stimulating activities to exercise the mind and help improve concentration and memory.

The activities are split into five key ...

My Workout Trainer  v.1 1

My Workout Trainer's Features:

- My Workout Trainer allows you to keep track of your weightlifting and cardio workouts.
- Choose from an extensive list of weightlifting and cardio exercises, or add your own custom exercises.
- Print ...

Abs Workout  v.1.0

Some abs workout cab certainly help you have a flat stomach that will definitely make you feel a lot better about yourself. A flat stomach is possible for anyone to have at any point, plus it is easy and quite rewarding for your personality.

Muscle Workout IE Toolbar  v.1.0

Muscle Workout toobar for Internet Explorer. Keep in touch with bodybuilding. The toolbar includes links to useful resources and allows google searches straight from the toolbar. You can keep in touch with the iBuildMuscle community.

Kettlebell workout routines  v.1.0

social toolbar for kettlebell workout routine on internet explorer.mainly compares the compares all the fat buring routines. i feature websites that are relvant to ur research for the best products that feature them ...

Disk Speed Bench X  v.0.1

Disk Speed Bench X is a benchmark utility, which shows you your transferespeed of your Disks or other Volumes.

WABBIMS Workout Journal

An advanced Workout & Fitness Journal with an attractive and easy to use Interface, as well as a complete Data Management System to store and organize all of your essential diet, fitness, and training information. With our Workout Journal, you can easily ...

Pre workout supplements

Find pre workout Supplements and other supplements for endurance athletes and anyone who needs a energy boost.Energy Supplements right on your browser toolbar.

Press Release Submitter

How many times have you tried to submit your press release to various media outlets without any concrete results?
This waste of time and valuable information can now be avoided by using our latest software that will connect you
with the most ...

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