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HandyHTML Studio

It offers an extensive set of features to make hand coding of web sites even easier than WYSIWYG editing, allowing creation and effective management of all kinds of web projects from simple pages to titanic web sites, built-in ftp upload tools, customizable ...

Quick PDF

Quick PDF lets you create PDF's with an even easier interface than PDF Creation Basic. Supporting drag and drop for both addition of files to the PDF and for reordering it's never been easier to create a PDF from a set of images.


Photo! Web Album

Create stylish web photo galleries and publish them on the net for free with Photo! Web Album! The program has become even more user-friendly as it now automatically tracks changes in design templates collection. What's more, Photo! Web Album lets you ...

Downloads2k Toolbar

All the software are categorized,making your search even easier.You can search the software archive of instantly or,at your choice,you can use the toolbar to search any information via the toolbar,you will recieve daily ...

ControlSpace Designer  v.2.200

ControlSpace Designer Software: Makes it even easier to configure and operate ControlSpace Systems and reduces on-site programming time. Download the latest version here.
Automatic Microphone Mixer: Provides gating, priority, and NOM attenuation ...

MAGIX Video deluxe 2007 PLUS (F)  v.

Now it's even easier to transform your recordings into exciting theater-quality films with impressive special effects including background music and animated DVD menus. Edit your videos as usual in 2D, create breathtaking 3D movies that captivate your ...

WinTaper  v.1 60

WinTaper raises the level of performance and has many features to make your tape collecting and labeling even easier and more enjoyable. WinTaper has a search and replace function. With this feature it's easy to make file-wide changes such as correcting ...

Simple Task Timer  v.

It become even more complicated when you need to manage all the details of several projects at a time. Thus, an application that lets you track all your projects from a single interface would be very useful. Simple Task Timer gives such a possibility.

9X Media Multi-Screen Manager  v.2. 7. 2001

9X Media's Multi-Screen Manager Software utility designed to make multiple monitor computing even easier. It intuitively increases productivity and seamlessly enables the greater potential of multiple monitor computing.

Veteran users of multiple ...

PhotoWarp  v.2. 5. 1940

PhotoWarp has become even better with the first public release of PhotoWarp 2.0. Its powerful new features will allow you to zip through hundreds of 360 One VR images at once, producing not only QuickTime VR panoramas, but also PTViewer and Zoom Viewer ...

SCREEN3 for Windows  v.5 71

Plus, it can import BEEST data, and includes a special in-BEEST version for even easier modeling. SCREEN3 is EPA's most versatile screening model. SCREEN3 uses pre-set meteorological data to give a worst case concentration quickly and easily. This single ...

EZ Photo Calendar Creator 2  v.1 29

The software stores your events making it even easier to create next years calendar.

Main Features:

-Add captions to your photos.
-Import dates from a csv file.
-Easily Add Holidays and Events.
-Drag and Drop your ...

WinBMD  v.5.0

WinBMD is the Windows version of SpeedBMD for transcribers of the FreeBMD project and it comes with its own integral Viewer to make it even easier to use. It also features automated uploading of your completed transcriptions to the FreeBMD site. WinBMD ...

IDEXX MPN Generator  v.

IDEXX MPN Generator software makes calculating and recording your test results even easier:

- Works with both the Quanti-Tray® and Quanti-Tray®/2000 products.

- Converts the number of positive wells to an MPN with upper and lower ...

Prophet 2010  v.

With an enhanced look and feel that makes it even easier than PROPHET2006 to use. The downloaded version can be used to generate Horoscope and Marriage compatibility reports of the birth times between 01/01/2008 to 31/12/2009.

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