Bang My Wife During Sleeping


Yodek's Yahtzee for Nele  v.1.0

I wrote it for my wife Nele, because we always somehow forgot to buy some real dice :)Basic rules are included. Although jokers are not supported, you do get your bonus for a second yahtzee.You can play either a single or two player game. The game keeps ...

MB Sleeping Position Test

MB Sleeping Position Test analyzes your personality on the basis of your sleeping position. Your Sleeping Position tells you a lot about your personality. Know what your subconscious has to tell about your nature and behavior with the help of this software.


Recover My Documents Recover Files RG LLC  v.3.04

How to recover my Deleted files, recover Word files? Recovering word files - what software is?

) with the Document recover tool.

Recover my Files - Download recover tool at

Recover Files - of All types:

~ ...

Remote Desktop Control  v.

For example, you might install the latest antivirus utility or database on your laptop, your wife's laptop and your child's games computer...oh (I almost forgot!) and to the family media-center in the living room. What would you suggest in such situation? ... File Renamer  v.5.00

Pictures you made with your digital camera for example very often have file names like "IMG_1329" instead of "IMG_1329 - Christmas in New York with my wife" or media data like a video you download from the web is called "003245.mpg" instead of "Funny ...

CQPhone  v.2.404

Use it with caution - I met my wife using this feature in ICQ... ;-)

The interface looks like a real cell phone, and it has detachable windows to see the contact list and to watch the video.

Classic WordZap  v.2 27

WordZap(R) - The Game Everyone Loves!
Better than Boggle -- Faster than Scrabble

"My wife just loves your game" -- Peter

"Is there a cure for WordZap addiction? Love this game!" - Jena ...

DROANS  v.2.0.5

When you play better, gravity increase, how much can you support? Colorful blocks are coming down hard in this fun and super addictive game! Some words for our players: "diabolical" slow at first, but the more you play the faster it goes! My wife is at level 9, ...

Michael Hardy's UPX-Miracle!  v.4. 1. 2011

UPX Miracle is a 100% Free Software Released Under The End User Agreement!

This Software is Created and Maintained By Michael Hardy With Special Thanks To My Wife
(Stacie Hardy) and Our Kids (Zoe and Dylan)...

The Download ...

NWCTXT2Ly  v.1.0

nwcextract files are just used by my software during its processing. If youre keen on housekeeping, you can delete them.

IRatio  v.1.0 RC Build 20100622.1210

From Author: By having hundreds of photos (thanks to the modern, filmless digital cameras:), and often printing them with the same paper format (personally 3:2), sometimes i don't recognize which photos i have already cropped and which ones still not (The guilty is my wife. A man doesn't ...

An EZ Envelope  v.1.5

My wife and I use variations such as ME only, HER only or HER and I.
* Use a Logo or Graphic
Use can use a Company Logo (64 pixels by 64 pixels) to print next to your Return Address. Ideal for Home Based Businesses. Or, use graphics like butterflies ...

Walk-Run-Bike-Drive  v.

Have recurring routes to drive, walk, bicycle, jog?
Monitor you speed and course at any moment?
Share your current location on Facebook, Twitter, or Windows Live?
Geocaching enthusiast?
Pick-up from multiple addresses?
Deliver to several locations?
Are a Home Health Car Professional, visiting Nurse? Salesman? Garage Sale addict?
Need to record where you parked your car?
Share your routes and tracks? (Pro version)
Use routes and tracks from sharing sites?
Review and relive your past hikes, trips, adventures?

When you have several appointments to hit in a day, or, keep records on your outdoor activities, or, some new real estate properties to inspect, or, need to make deliveries to several locations, or, need to pick up from multiple addresses, or, in my wife's case have 15 ...

The Shawshank  v.

I put a large insurance policy on my wife, who was three years older than I was, and then I fixed the brakes of the Chevrolet coupe her father had given us as a wedding present. It worked out exactly as I had planned, except I hadn't planned on her stopping ...

Combine Jewels Free  v.


After ten-year long-distant love race,we are married at last! So I made this game for my wife and hope to receive your blessing!Will you help us to combine the most beautiful jewel in the world?









经过十年的恋爱长跑终于结婚啦!我们是­婚,没车、没房、没钻戒,所以做了这­“熊熊爱宝石”送给我可爱的老婆,希望­能够得到大家的祝福!你愿意帮我们合成­界上最美丽的宝石吗? ...

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