Balloon Tip


GPRS Online Log  v.3031

A balloon tip prompt will also be issued when the SIM card is about to expire (Needs an icon file to be named 'exclamation.ico' for this feature to work).GPRS Online Log can monitor all GPRS modem connections. While such applications issued by the mobile ...

Online Radio Tuner  v.

Notify song changes by balloon tip or MSN-like notifier.
Show others what you are listening to in MSN Messenger.
Record what you hear as MP3's.
Each user has its own favorites/settings.
Show album art if artist/song info is broadcasted.


BlitzCalc  v.1.0.3

For a one hotkey combination, you can place the result to clipboard, for another ? substitute the result in the source window, for a third ? show the result in the balloon tip. Our motto is Calculate Anywhere!

AS-File Transfer  v.1.11

The server displays a balloon tip when a file is transferred.

EasyWork  v.1.0.5

The background of the timer becomes yellow when half of the defined work period has passed, red the timer comes down to 3 minutes left, and a balloon tip appears prompting you that you should take a rest in 1 minute. Then, 1 minute later, your screen ...

RemoveDrive  v.2.3.3

[-b] let Windows show the "Safe To Remove Hardware" balloon tip
[-i] stop Windows indexing service (CiSvc) for a moment if required (admins)
[-d] show debug information ...

10-Strike Connection Monitor Pro  v.3.01

When a new connection occurs, the program will notify you with a sound and a message window in the upper right corner of the screen (or with a balloon tip in the system tray). TE Audit changes to a shared folder. Configure "Alerts" and receive screen, ...

CFos Twitter Notifier  v.1.14.1006

If there is something new, it displays a notification icon in the windows taskbar and a balloon tip. If you click on the balloon or the taskbar icon, is started so you can read the new statuses. cFos Twitter Notifier uses OAuth. At first ...

Autumoon Words Reciter  v.

When you arrive your office and open your desktop, copy the vocabulary file into your computer, and import it into software, select the vocabulary you want to remember, and just click the Play button, there's a balloon tip to show words one by one. And ...

3D Hot Air Balloon Screen Saver

View from a flyby camera or right from the balloon's basket!Customize the Hot Air Balloon's design with your very own. Use your own pictures and watch the screensaver like a photo album. Created by, makers of AWARD WINNING 3D SCREENSAVERS.

Balloon Bliss  v.

Balloon Bliss is a puzzle game developed by Vortix Game Studios and published by Big Fish Games and iWin. The game is a very simple match-three puzzle. There is really not much to it - there is a side story that may seem a bit weird but it does not really ...

Easy Balloon ActiveX  v.2.0

Easy Balloon ActiveX is an ActiveX Balloon control for software developers, visual basic 6, VB.NET and any other language that supports the ActiveX technology of Microsoft.
dd a system balloon message to your programs using this ActiveX control, ...

Balloon Buddy  v.1 1

Balloon Buddy is a Balloon Bounce auto for Pogo's unique puzzle game. This Balloon Bounce bot is the ideal companion for many a Pogo player, particularly those who're about to blow up over this tricky, puzzling, silly balloon-blowing, alien-hunting Pogo ...

PocketPC Tip Calculator  v.2 1

PocketPC Tip Calculator is the ultimate tipping and bill splitting tool. Featuring a built-in tipping guide, a completely customizable interface, and the ability to save and retrieve bills, PocketPC Tip Calculator is simply the fastest and easiest way ...

Balloon Ride  v.1.0

Laura and Jack will take a flight together in a hot air balloon. It is a perfect way to experience an adventurous, memorable and also a romantic date! Before they ride the balloon, could you dress them up? But keep in mind that they love wearing matching ...

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