Bad Guys


Indiana Jones Online Game

The game is mostly about fighting and shooting bad guys and trying to find artifacts which will unlock other possible things for you to get and do. Although the staff of Moses is never mentioned in the beginning of the game, the plot is set about finding ...

Tales of Pirates Online  v.2.0

Like in any other multiplayer online game, you play with other people to achieve a common goal: fight the bad guys and keep the community in order. The first thing to do is select one of the four anime-style characters and customize it the way you want.


Ben 10 Underworld  v.1.0

You shoot the bad guys with the space bar. Try and help Ben pass the hostile underworld and free Gwen.

2D Dwarf Digger  v.

Level after level, your task is easy: collect all the green balls, or GLUGONS, and escape from the bad guys that will try to catch you.

Each level will propose an ascending kind of difficulty, with less space available, more glugons to collect ...

Sniper Game  v.2.0

From the Saga of Spy Adventurer, Sniper Game will make you feel like you're really after the bad guys. You must be alert since at any moment the enemies will come for you, be aware of your surroundings and with your eyesight very sharp - you'll get to ...

Ben Ten Power Slash  v.1.0

This time some bad guys are running away with a hostage in a boat. You need to persecute the bad guys and free the hostage.

To do so, you first transform into a sea creature and swim under water. At this stage you must avoid all creatures ...

Quake 3 Cutties  v.1.0

Shoot those cute looking things as well as the deceiving cute like bad guys who shoot at you. Use Quake based rocket launcher to vaporize enemies and kill them before you will be eated by this things!

Angry Kids  v.

Some bad guys have made you ANGRY, now you the ANGRY KID shoot them with your gun. Save yourself from these bad guys as they are too shooting at you. Just make a right angle and target to shoot them.

GangsterShooter  v.

Defend the city against the bad guys. Play this interesting game, and defeat the bad guys through different levels to achieve best score.

Jumpy  v.

Help Jumpy get to the very top! In this platform game you use your phone's accelerometer sensor capabilities to help maneuver Jumpy onto different types of platforms while avoiding the bad guys. There will be many obstacles in this game you will need ...

Wild West Shootout  v.

Enjoy a classic shootout in the wild west! Score points while shattering saloon windows, shooting holes in walls and blasting bad guys from the hotel balcony. Collect and choose from multiple weapons including the .45 colt, 30-30 Winchester, 12 gauge ...

Helicopter Rescue Free  v.

You should destroy all the things, even the bad guys in black.

But you must save the good guys in blue.

You have to put your helicopter closed to them so that they can get on board.

The Black Ribbon Army is well organised ...

Shoot on the Sight  v.

Shoot on the Sight is the addictive game where you can test your skill by shooting at enemies! The objective is shoot all the "bad guys"without letting them get away. Must never shoot the "good guys" Have fun!

Citizen Hero  v.

Local bad guys like Thief, Robber, Corruptor, and Mafia are invading our country. It is up to you and your strategy to stop them from creating chaos in the land. Can you be able to stop them ?

Arcade Math Blocks  v.1.1

Use the numbers you choose and the operators you choose to clear blocks, collect the diamonds, and evade or destroy the bad guys. Find treasures to help you earn more points or make you invisible or invincible. Opt for easy, medium, or hard arcade difficu ...

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