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O&O Defrag 11 Pro

O&O Defrag
optimizes your hard disk and effectively and securely packs file fragments back together. O&O Defrag 11 includes
an array of functions that a really good defragmentation software should offer, ranging from a fully automated
defragmentation ...

Excel Export To Text Files Software

You can produce simple text files delimited by comma or tab or complicated text files that can be easily loaded back into Excel. A wizard makes the process easy to understand.



Get your iPod Music back into iTunes in one click !

Ideal after a harddrive crash or viruses, before sending your iPod for repair or simply to move your iPod Music to a new computer.

Features include: backup all song types (MP3/AAC/WAV/AIF/Audible), ...


Your primary mission is to collect all crystals at a level and come back into the northern pipe. But not all is so easy! Enemies and obstacles will try to stop you at any cost. Also on arena from time to time appear bonuses which give some additional ...

File Splitter PRO  v.3.0

File Splitter is a tool that will split large file into pieces of any selected size and -- naturally -- with the same tool you can merge these pieces back into one large file.

One difference between this file splitter and other similar products ...

Balls and Boxes

The three balls will be shuffled and you will need to remember how they shuffled in order to put the balls back into their original boxes. As the game advances the balls will be shuffled more and you will need to have extraordinary memory in order to ...

Wash n Sweep

Wash n Sweep puts the power back into your hands giving you the upper hand in the fight for privacy in the world of the Internet. This is a cutting edge software application that safely, securely combs your computers hidden directories seeking out the ...

We Are Legend

Rock the life back into the undead. These survivors need your help to get through what used to be your friends and neighbors. Will you set off the traps in time before the zombies rip off your flesh?

Hammer Heads  v.32.0

Hammer Heads is a cartoon arcade-style game that challenges players to collect as many points as they can to win high scores through their own skills with the mouse by bashing gnome characters and similar others, back into the holes they pop out from ...

Ghouls NGhosts  v.1.0

Arthur, the brave knight, after saving his beloved princess PrinPrin from Lucifer, has driven the evil forces back into the Underworld.
After a while, monsters begun attacking the kingdom again, and this time, Arthurs beloved Princess PrinPrin has ...

Mr. Jones Grave Yard Shift  v.2. 5. 2001

Jones is getting back into business...the Cemetery biz! He's trying to win back the love of his life and taking one last shot at making it big - even if it means working the graveyard shift! Help him transform his rustic property into a bustling graveyard ...

Serif RotateMyPics  v.

Serif RotateMyPics is a small free application that puts back into their right position as many JPEG files as you need in one single step. The resulting images retain the exact same quality of the input photograph, as no compression whatsoever is involved ...

Leaf By Bendigo Design  v.1. 2. 2001

Leaf is a simple application which lets you colourise images by having them first in Greyscale or Sepia or Negative and after selection you can 'Paint' them back into their original colour.
If you are familiar with our flagship product, Pixo, you ...

Branon Anonymous Web Browser  v.1 8

Branon's server turns the URL back into normal characters and downloads the page. It then sends the page back to you, but through our servers, so filters do not prevent you viewing the content you wish to view.

Main Features:

- ...

7Scan  v.2 2

Since 7Scan was tested and developed by Integration Engineers, it has the key features that you will use every day to Find, Display, Edit, and transmit HL7 data back into the system. 7Scan is an ideal tool to develop, test, and maintain HL7 interfaces.

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