Avoid Traps



You have to find your way through labyrinths, fight monsters, avoid traps and colleact treasures. Discover completely unexplored, subterranean tombs of the old forgotten Pharaohs in the distant Egypt! Unbelievable treasures stored since millennia in ...

Spiderman the Dark Side  v.2.0

You need to jump between platforms, avoid traps, fight enemies and collect coins. You need to choose the right moment to do things if you want to stay alive.


SkyTracks  v.1.03

Avoid traps such as crushers, hammers and turnstiles. Find and use power-ups such as super speed, super strength, jump and missiles.

I Upside down !  v.

Avoid traps and use 4 other kinds of blocks to find the shortest way to solve the puzzle !

- Rotate your phone to solve puzzles of a new kind !
- Create your own levels and challenge your friends !
- You can also change gravity by ...

Animaniacs  v.1.0

At anytime during the game switch between 3 of them, solve puzzles, avoid traps and find the items. This game is unique in the sense that instead of facing the foes, players need to avoid them.

During the game find almost every character of ...

I Upside down ! Free  v.

Avoid traps and use other kinds of blocks to find the shortest way to solve the puzzle !

- Rotate your phone to solve puzzles of a new kind !
- More levels will come along with updates !
- If you want to create your own levels to challenge ...

One Button Bob  v.1.0

Avoid traps, kill bats with a boomerang and leap over lava pits, all by pressing the left mouse button! How many clicks will it take you to take out the final boss and get to the treasure? Much fun with One Button Bob!

Mouse Avoid  v.3.6

Mouse Avoid - A dexterity challenge. The goal is to clear all levels and to
rack up the maximum quantity of points, while avoiding walls and
obstacles. Beautiful black and orange color scheme is easy on the eyes.
Addictive! Record your ...

Fly Traps

The Fly Trap Game Traps is a children's fly trap game similar to Hungry Hungry Hippos. Guide your fly trap to eat the invading flies. Each level up includes educational information about Fly Traps. Designed for Children of all ages by DuneCraft.

Avoid Over-training, Maximize Muscles

How to Avoid Over-training to Maximize Muscle Growth. Almost anyone that's picked up a set of weights has or will
experience symptoms of over-training at one point in there muscle building program. Over-training can lead to
serious injury, chronic ...

Avoid Foreclosure  v.

Do Not Become Another Statistic, Avoid Foreclosure Hell & Get Your Life Back!

The past couple of years have been very tough for homeowners as foreclosures have reached an all time high. Many people have been losing their homes.

All ...

Avoid preanalytical errors  v.

Avoid preanalytical errors in blood gas testing
"Preanalytical errors are said to be the reason for up to 75% of all errors in laboratory medicine. The diagnostic consequences depend on the magnitude of the preanalytical error. In worst case, these ...

Avoid the Gear  v.

Move the ball around and try to avoid the gear. The longer you survive, more points you get, but the gear is continuously increasing its speed.
For questions and suggestions please contact apollosoft@live.com ...

Avoid  v.

Avoid is an addictive, fast paced arcade game that will entertain you for hours. Survival is the name of the game as players must dodge in an out of a never ending field of blocks whilst collecting various power ups to help them along.

Avoid The Monsters  v.

The funny looking monsters from outer-space are trying to catch you, avoid them for as long as possible to reach the highest score possible!

Visit http://avoidthemonsters.apphb.com for an online highscore!

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