Automatic Report Generation


Automatic Drawing Generation  v.0.7.1

The ADG library (Automatic Drawing Generation) is a set of functions focused on automating the drawing of mechanical parts. It is not a CAD system but a library providing a non-interactive canvas where a custom application can put common CAD entities ...

PhpCodeWizard-Automatic Code Generation  v.1.0

PHPCodeWizard is a development environment for managing access to data in a database.The idea underlying the system is to create Web applications for managing information, absolutely original, without writing a single line of code.


Zebra Report  v.1.0

A java report generation and print solution in B/S framework. the main target is printing dynamic data on static pre-made paper(table/pic) etc.

Calc ooReport for .Net

Net is a library of MS Visual Studio 2005/2008 for report generation in Calc using Automation (formerly known as OLE Automation). Although Automation can be slow a process, Calc ooReport for .Net overcomes this problem by using highly optimized ...

SuperLog  v.1.0

Automatic depth generation, boilerplate, and spell check make the input fast and enjoyable. The average time to learn the program is 15 minutes. The average time to generate a log is 5 minutes. All the symbols and soil patterns can be viewed and input ...

First Draft  v.2.5

Eliminates writer's block with automatic content generation, 5,000+ sentence prompts, and over 15,000 common phrases. This software is appropriate for online freelance writers, content providers, bloggers, and everyone else who struggles with writer's ...

CpTracker Lite

Includes Task Calendar, Query/Search Wizard, Report Builder, Export to Excel, Email, task Timer, PDF report generation, Backup, and more! cpTracker Lite is your Complete Task Management Solution!


Graphical editors,
"Live" improvisation,
automatic phrases generation,
Easy to use,
no need for a Midi sound card,
professional result,
works also with external devices.
(professional Midi sound interface, ...

Software Administration Kit

The Software Administration Kit (SAK) is an unique all-in-one solution for customer and order tracking, form letter and e-mail submission, sales report generation, version management and order fulfillment. SAK has been designed to meet the requirements ...

DartCart Shopping Cart Demo Package.exe

Sample orders are included for sample report generation Turn Your Customers into Power Shoppers by enabling them to add multiple items in seconds. Customers simply click on the product images to add to the order. Simple and fast, product quantity and ...

Log Viewer and Log Monitor

XpoLog provide web server monitoring, access log analysis and report generation. XpoLog Center provide Transaction tracking and transaction monitoring. Monitor Applications and servers for problems before end users notice them. http://www.log-viewer.

LignUp Multi Collector MacOS  v.2.4.2

It includes many functions like creating custom collection database; capturing images from web camera, get images online, correct images in graphic editor, edit various categories; password protection; report generation as PDF document and HTML site; ...

MpegDJ DoublePlayer  v.

Built-in-archive for storing thousands of MP3s, two playlists, two independent players, automatic playlist generation, automatic mixing with fade-in/fade-out (only one soundcard needed), manual mixing (two soundcards needed).

MpegDJ DoublePlayer ...

ARWordReport  v.2.0

ARWordReport is easy-to-use and powerful report generation components that allows to you create different reports in Microsoft Word & Excel from your applications easy with few lines of code.
With ARWordReport you can implement a flexible report solution, ...

Intelli-Pick  v.

Offers a choice of completely automatic bet generation using the built-in analysis engine, or manual set up that allows precise number positioning and application of advanced filtering. Comes complete with all of the US Lotto and Pick-3/4 history databases.

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