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Limit Automatic login for Windows  v.1.0

Windows Automatic Login can automatically login to the desired user account. It also has the capability to limit the number of boots where the automatic login is active.

WindowSurfer  v.1.9.20

This program is a Tabbed Web Browser with some unique Automatic Login features. With just one click on its Link for a web site, it does 4 things - fills in the login URL, opens the login page, fills in UserName/Password and clicks on the Submit button.


Sticky Password  v.8.0

With Sticky Password, you'll have automatic login and form-filling for your favorite sites. The software recognizes your password-protected destinations, logging you in automatically on whatever device you're using. It's convenient and secure!

Sticky ...

TravianHelper  v.0.9


- Automatic Login.
- MarketPlace Management
- You can Add Travian servers that do not exist
- Hide Travian Helper Option; hides totally the application and recover it from system tray by double clicking ...

Eric's Telnet98  v.14.3.5409.2011

This Windows Sockets-based ANSI- and SCO-ANSI compatible Terminal includes color, line printer emulation, automatic login and many other features.
Supported Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian ...

Alasend  v.3.0

Alasend is a secure password manager and a universal automatic login tool.Easy SSO(Single sign-on)software.
Alasend is a very easy-to-use single sign- on software.There is no need to install, you can copy it to your hard disk or flash disk, plug and ...

KiTTY Portable  v.

The software sports features such as session filters, session icon, automatic login, automatic password protection, shortcuts for pre-defined commands, running a locally saved script on a remote session, etc.
Portable KiTTY Features:
The very ...

Blink! 1.0 RC  v.1.0

Luxand Blink! employs advanced face recognition technologies to provide automatic, quick and reliable login to one or many computer users. No one remembers those long, complex passwords demanded by your corporate security policy? They don't have to! ...

Erics TelNet98  v.20.6-SSH

Large substantial scroll back buffer, built-in file transfer, answer back function, automatic connect and logon. A lineprinter emulation, telnet file objects with shell extension. Session logging, quick direct connect mode, transfer of local environment.

Alasend Password Manager SSO

One-time account saving , one click to login all sites and games.

PCEditor  v.1. 2. 1960

When PCEditor is used under Wine, you need to set the automatic wine detection, otherwise PCEditor will behave as usual. Furthermore you need to set the option 'No Ping when accessing Receiver' in PCEditor Settings/General.

If you want to ...

Redirect Cleaner  v.1.5.0

easily cleans redirects from links.
Many websites try to track your clicks and try to track your external websites by using Redirects! Redirect Cleaner replaces the original link with the cleaned link! This will enhance privacy, increase transparency ...

BeerKnurd  v.

If you love drinking beer at your local saucer and you've got a UFO card, you need this app!

Beer Knurd for Windows Phone 7 enables users to login using their UFO card number and view the beers they've drank and the beers they haven't tasted ...

MudWalker  v.0.3.2

Automatic login scripts with support for multiple accounts. Command aliases. Automatic logging. Library feature automatically remembers servers you've connected to and the location of your settings files for them. URLs become clickable links. Scripts ...

TSAdmin  v.1.2

TSAdmin restrict users to run authorized program, access allowed files and login the website authorized.

With the help of TSAdmin you can restrict employee access to confidential information by security policy. You can unified ...

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